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Publish | 2023-12-13

Upgrade Your Deployment Checklist: Why is this Cloud Controller a Must-Have

ecCLOUD, developed by Edgecore Wi-Fi, serves as a sophisticated cloud controller providing centralized cloud management for an extensive range of products, including Wi-Fi Access Points, Enterprise Switches, SD-WAN, and Terragraph 60GHz Products. Over recent years, ecCLOUD has undergone significant evolution and innovation, transforming into a pivotal portal for Edgecore Wi-Fi to offer an array of services to its clientele. These services encompass a variety of features, such as configuration and management functionalities, AI-driven data analysis, robust network security, and indoor positioning applications. Moreover, Edgecore Wi-Fi envisages utilizing ecCLOUD as a dynamic platform for ongoing innovation in application functionalities, aiming to develop numerous cutting-edge services like Smart Health Care, Property Tech, Senior Living Tech, and Smart Agriculture, with a focus on IoT technology.

With cloud management becoming an essential requirement, ecCLOUD stands out as a product worth prioritizing for purchase. Its superior and comprehensive features cover aspects ranging from user experience and network management efficiency to Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), making it a well-rounded cloud controller designed from the customer’s perspective.

ecCLOUD isn’t just a cloud controller; it’s the epitome of versatility in the digital age. Its range of functionalities – from provisioning and configuration to management, monitoring, and analytics – is like the most exquisite menu of options for the discerning network connoisseur. Users can glide through device activation, tweak settings with the finesse of a maestro, and monitor their network’s pulse in real-time, all with the grace and ease of a seasoned network stylist. And should the network’s rhythm skip a beat, ecCLOUD’s alert notifications are the perfect blend of timely and informative, keeping users in the loop with panache.

Entering the world of ecCLOUD’s interface is like stepping into a boutique of intuitive design. Registering an account is your VIP pass to a realm where every click is a statement of sophistication. The interface, with its elegantly tiered Cloud, Site, and Device Levels, invites administrators to orchestrate their network’s symphony with precision and style. It’s a harmonious blend of uniform network settings and the liberty to customize, embodying Edgecore Wi-Fi’s commitment to providing tools that are not just functional but fashionably flexible.

And for those with a taste for customization, ecCLOUD’s chic Widget editing tool is like a tailor’s workshop for network dashboards. Here, administrators can stitch together their own unique dashboards, combining elements with the flair of a designer crafting a bespoke suit.

(To step into the world of ecCLOUD’s stylish efficiency, connect with us for an exclusive, personalized walkthrough: https://edge-core.com/contact/)


Centralized Management:

Cloud controllers significantly enhance network settings and management flexibility for network administrators. The dashboard facilitates real-time monitoring and immediate modification of network operations as required, reducing the need to dispatch personnel for onsite repairs. With networks being essential for all organizational operations, many organizations now routinely manage networks across multiple locations, regions, or countries. Consequently, cloud controllers are increasingly prioritized in network planning, enabling the management of a broader array of network devices.

ecCLOUD manages a wide array of Edgecore Wi-Fi products, encompassing Wi-Fi Access Points, Enterprise Switches, SD-WAN Gateways, and Terragraph 60GHz Products.

(Please note, ecCLOUD does not support Edgecore Wi-Fi’s OpenWiFi and OLS series. For those interested in OpenWiFi and OLS series, please visit https://edge-core.com/openwifi/.)

ecCLOUD offers a centralized control platform for managing network devices, suitable for indoor applications, indoor-outdoor hybrid scenarios, or networks with varied user requirements.

Beyond the central management platform, ecCLOUD also offers a variety of application tools. Through the Add-on options on the ecCLOUD page, users can choose from different types of application services as per their needs, including security authentication, security protection, data analysis, indoor positioning, and more. All application service subscriptions and activation can be directly completed on ecCLOUD, achieving centralized management of device and application services.


Ongoing Feature Upgrades and Innovations

Edgecore Wi-Fi has introduced a plethora of practical and convenient features in the past, including Interference Detection, DPSK, Client Isolation/SSID Isolation/RF Isolation, DHCP Snooping, ARP Inspection, and more. To utilize these features, all you need to do is navigate the ecCLOUD management control platform, where settings can be activated or adjusted immediately based on network performance or specific user requirements.

Edgecore Wi-Fi continually rolls out monthly updates with innovative feature upgrades, enabling users to upgrade to the latest firmware versions and activate new features through ecCLOUD, continuously enhancing network performance efficiency.
For more details on these features, we’ve shared some recent blog posts you may find interesting. Feel free to contact us for more information:


Multi-Cloud and Multi-Site Management

Considering the network deployment types of many organizations, which vary by location, operational characteristics, and user attributes, network planning and management need to be versatile. For instance, a business with multiple chain hotels in different cities can manage all hotel networks under one cloud controller, defining each hotel as an individual site. Alternatively, each hotel could be managed independently with its own cloud controller, with different sites set for floors or areas. However, for network managers, switching between different cloud controllers or sites can often be a hassle, especially as the scale of the network and the number of devices grow.

ecCLOUD users don’t face such issues. Upon accessing the ecCLOUD central management control platform, they can easily switch between different cloud controllers using the “Switch Cloud” option, found by clicking the cloud-shaped icon in the upper right corner. For managing different sites under the same ecCLOUD, one can simply select “Choose a Site” from the left menu bar to enter and manage the settings of the chosen site. To reduce the complexity of toggling between multiple sites, ecCLOUD has introduced the Site Grouping feature. In Cloud Mode, network managers can find “Choose a Group Site” at the top of the left menu bar, select the sites to be managed together, and even define custom Dashboards using Widget drag-and-drop tools.

This functionality is ideal for chain stores; for instance, a business with ten restaurants scattered across different locations can use ecCLOUD’s Site Grouping feature to uniformly observe and compare network activity without the need to switch between different sites constantly. Such thoughtful and meticulous design reflects the flexibility and agility emphasized in ecCLOUD’s operational features, enhancing user convenience and overall network management efficiency.



On the Edgecore Wi-Fi website, you’ll find the ecCLOUD introduction page (https://edge-core.com/eccloud-cloud-controller/). You might notice that apart from “ecCLOUD,” Edgecore Wi-Fi also offers “ecCLOUD-VPC.” Functionally, ecCLOUD-VPC provides all the features of ecCLOUD, with the primary difference being the customer type and deployment scale it caters to.

In terms of deployment scale and device support, each ecCLOUD can manage up to 500 sites, with each site capable of deploying 500 devices. By this estimate, each independent ecCLOUD controller can manage up to 25,000 devices in total.

Under the ecCLOUD-VPC structure, each independent ecCLOUD-VPC controller can establish 5,000 sites, and each site can manage 500 devices, allowing for the management of up to 250,000 devices simultaneously.

Supporting larger-scale network constructions, ecCLOUD-VPC meets the business development needs of Telcos, ISPs, MSPs, and other network service providers. Notably, ecCLOUD-VPC also offers additional customization options. Whether an ISP or MSP, users can customize the domain name of the cloud controller and place their company logo on the ecCLOUD-VPC central management platform page. For Telcos, ISPs, or MSPs offering Managed Wi-Fi Services, ecCLOUD-VPC can be fully branded as their own cloud controller, providing end-users with a consistent brand service experience.


Powerful Features, Lightweight Costs

The completeness and sophistication of ecCLOUD’s features are designed to significantly enhance network management efficiency for administrators. At the same time, its pricing mechanism is designed to ensure network owners do not feel burdened by costs.

In closing, ecCLOUD by Edgecore Wi-Fi proves to be a vital tool for efficient network management, offering an intuitive platform for a wide range of devices and applications. Its capabilities in centralizing control and facilitating advanced network services make it an indispensable asset for any organization. If enhancing your network infrastructure with a forward-thinking cloud controller is your next step, contact us to discuss how ecCLOUD can integrate into and benefit your specific environment.

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