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The AuthPort add-on enables the built-in authentication server of ecCLOUD, supporting authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA) function for wireless clients. With AuthPort enabled, you can create accounts based on different service plan, which defines the time and data quota for each account. When the wireless client associate to the network, the client can login with the created account to get Internet access.

Service Plan by Time & Quota

When you enable AuthPort, ecCLOUD can act as an AAA server (Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting) for your wireless clients. Authenticated clients are authorized certain network access rights based on the constraints defined in service plans with time and data. Furthermore, you can also define a device number constraint for limiting the number of devices that can share the same account simultaneously.

Built-in Captive Portal Editor

AuthPort comes with a captive portal editor that will make customization much easier. You can simply drag and drop modules and just edit the parameters and save multiple captive portals that you’ve customized for use. Since ecCLOUD also supports independent captive portal setting for each SSID, each SSID can have its unique captive portal.

Add-on Voucher Flow

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