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Edgecore Wi-Fi is your go-to for all networking requirements. We provide a range of solutions, including Wi-Fi APs, switches, SD-WAN, 60GHz Terragraph, controllers, and more. Our innovative and open technology offers the best networking solutions to meet your requirements. Edgecore Wi-Fi are a reliable partner and offer endless possibilities in infrastructure and applications.

Experience the power of “Your Network, Your Choice” with Edgecore networking solutions and elevate your network today!

Edgecore Wired & Wireless Solution

Open to Technology, Innovation, and Possibility
Provide integrated Wi-Fi solutions for complex environments, including enterprise, MSP, ISP, and Telco
Cover all aspects of network infrastructure and applications from Wi-Fi to Switch.
Offer advanced technologies such as OpenWiFi, OpenLANSwitch, and Terragraph.
Ensure high-performance, flexible, and cost-effective networking experience.

Simplify Management with ecCLOUD

The cloud-based controllers provide unified visibility for wired and wireless devices.
Simplifies the task of device deployment
Centralized management and monitoring
Multi-cloud and multi-site
Quickly bring up and scale up

Edgecore Puts You in Control

Choose Your Controller, Rule Your Network!

With the ability to work with controllers across multiple brands and types, Edgecore devices offer unmatched flexibility, versatility, and convenience. Users can enjoy streamlined management, improved reliability, and effortless scalability.

Secure VPN tunnel

Switch On the Future with Edgecore

Next-Generation Networking Solutions

Experience the power of the Edgecore switch solution—a diverse selection of PoE switches designed to exceed your expectations. Edgecore has been globally providing dependable switch solution to various industries, including Telcos, ISPs, MSPs, and enterprises. With port ranges from 8 to 48 and speeds ranging from 1G to multi-G, the Edgecore switch solution delivers unmatched performance.

Easy to develop with pre-loaded OpenWiFi image

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