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Publish | 2023-06-27

Come and Join Us at HITEC! Get a Firsthand Experience of the World’s Pioneering OpenWiFi + OLS Solution by Edgecore and Netexperience.

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with NetExperience, a top cloud platform service provider, as we work towards creating a more efficient disaggregated Wi-Fi network. Our joint efforts have resulted in the introduction of a new line of high-quality switch products that fully support OpenLAN Switching (OLS) for enterprise use.

Edgecore believes that OpenWiFi is on the cusp of rapid growth, attracting more network owners who embrace the innovation and independence fostered by its open technology framework. They realize that adopting OpenWiFi is not just about pursuing technological advancement but also brings tangible benefits like a more reasonable total cost of ownership, unrestricted network deployment choices, and the freedom to innovate without restraints. In 2023, the introduction of OLS will further encourage network owners to embrace open-source disaggregated technology and collectively reshape the future of networking.

The OLS project was started by the Open Converged Wireless working group of TIP in 2022, which is closely linked to OpenWiFi. Its main goal is to address the major network upgrade requirements, such as high power, high throughput, and low latency. The project aims to offer a variety of competitive alternatives for PoE switches, promote innovation, and develop an ecosystem that provides end-to-end solutions. Edgecore, a pioneer of OpenWiFi, has been the first commercial supplier to support the OLS project and contribute Ethernet switch expertise. The company is working closely with TIP’s OpenWiFi project group to speed up the progress of the OLS technology stack.

We would like to invite you to the NetExperience booth and TIP exhibition area at HITEC, which will be held from June 26th to June 29th in Toronto. At the event, you will have the exciting opportunity to explore a wide variety of Edgecore OLS switches and be one of the first to witness the integration of OpenWiFi and OLS solutions. You can expect to see a diverse range of Edgecore OLS switch products at HITEC, such as the ECS4125-10P and ECS4150-28P. Our OLS series offers PoE switches with various port options and lightning-fast speeds, leveraging Edgecore’s renowned enterprise PoE switch product line. We hope to see you there!

You have the chance to be part of the OpenWiFi + OLS revolution! Join us at HITEC and witness the might of Edgecore and NetExperience’s complete OpenWiFi + OLS open-sourced disaggregated solution. We are excited to meet you at the event!

For more information, please contact us: https://edge-core.com/contact/


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