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How Edgecore can help

Unlock valuable insights and enhance customer experiences with Edgecore’s Smart Indoor Location Solution. Our innovative and powerful solution transforms indoor spaces through advanced location-based services and analytics. Optimize operations, increase efficiency, and drive business growth with real-time tracking, hot-zones detection, and predictive analytics. Seamlessly integrate our solution to harness the power of indoor location intelligence across various industries. Make smarter decisions and deliver exceptional experiences in retail, hospitality, healthcare, education, and more with Edgecore’s Smart Indoor Location Solution.

You have to use Wi-Fi anyway, why not use the one with smart location?

1-Minute Fast Action
• List contacts with tracing targets
• List traffic hot zone
• List peak time venues
• List visitor footprint and location records
• List footprints of specified individuals

Stay Up-to-Date
• Daily hot zone and peak time analysis report
• Daily footprint analysis report by employee/visitor/defined object
• Daily device activities report

Fast to Deploy, Reenergize Your Existing Wi-Fi Investment

Compared with existing Wi-Fi-based indoor location systems on the market, the Smart Indoor Location Solution has the unique advantage of high integration. It covers Wi-Fi access points (APs), a cloud-based management platform, and a smart indoor positioning system. By optimizing location data through Wi-Fi AP wireless signals, integrating with the cloud-based management platform, and performing accurate data labeling and analysis, the solution helps companies from different sectors to easily adapt the smart indoor location system to meet the various location management needs.

Real-Time Location Data Collecting & Analysis

Combined with Edgecore’s leading data labeling and analysis system, and a real-time dashboard, managers can track and monitor objects, taking immediate actions in response to events. The Smart Indoor Location Solution can be applied to personnel management, entry-exit management, visitor flow analysis and statistics, allowing businesses to monitor guest attendance, track visitor footprints, identify high-traffic areas and footprint trends, as well as receive abnormal event notifications.

Customized Registration Portal

The registration portal can be easily customized. Smart Indoor Location Solution supports customized registration portal with the logo, messages, and identity value, etc., network administrators can quickly enable unique registration page for users, and start to collecting data for management.

Use Cases

Track Visitor Footprints to Increase Venue Safety

  • Personnel access control
  • Visitor/vendor footprint management
  • Rental property management

Locate Risky Footprints for Taking Immediate Action

  • Contact tracing for Pandemic
  • Visitor identification in public spaces
  • Emergency evacuation and disaster response positioning

Analyze Real-time Traffic Flows to Improve Management Efficiency

  • Power/air conditioning/elevator usage adjustment
  • Manpower planning and deployment

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