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Publish | 2023-07-26

Revolutionizing MSP Management: Unleashing the Power of Resilience Functions

Edgecore Wi-Fi offers service providers a plethora of flexible solutions, unlocking boundless opportunities for growth.


For MSPs, being able to control and monitor the network status at a single site or multiple sites across different geographical locations in one place and in real-time not only saves time but also serves as a crucial foundation for providing better services.

Edgecore ecCLOUD Controller aids MSPs in achieving this mission, offering an intuitive platform for managing multiple cloud and multiple site devices. Helping MSPs efficiently manage networks and increase scalability.

While fully centralized management is convenient, when end customers require adjustments to basic network settings, they would need to contact the network administrators for assistance. Here comes the problem: if an MSP provides services to 100 sites, each with multiple devices and different configurations, or in cases like MDUs (Multi-Dwelling Units) where multiple users are present in a single site, the workload can become overwhelming when every site or user requests modifications.

However, Edgecore Wi-Fi has heard your needs! With a single click on MSP Mode on the ecCLOUD, you can effortlessly handle these modification demands with ease!

Activating MSP Mode allows end customers to access the AP local web user interface and modify SSID settings such as name, authentication method, and password. Network administrators can enable this feature based on site requirements and can even grant different modification permissions for different SSIDs.

For instance, if an MSP offers services to an MDU, and one of the customers has various IoT devices at home and he wants to individually connect each IoT device to the corresponding SSID. In this case, this end user can easily access the AP local web user interface and modify the SSID name to match his IoT devices. Alternatively, if users wish to use different passwords for each SSID or change the passwords regularly, they can do so on their own through the user interface, saving MSP staff a lot of trouble.

On ecCLOUD, one cloud can create 500 sites, and each site can manage up to 500 devices. An Edgecore enterprise-grade AP can generate 32 SSIDs (16 for each radio), can you imagine how many SSIDs services you can create?! MSPs are able to customize the SSID-based services such as the number of provided SSIDs. When combined with the ecCLOUD AuthPort add-on that offers customized login pages for each SSID, enabling various tailored services with different charges.

Furthermore, Edgecore ecCLOUD-VPC service provides MSPs with more customization options, allowing them to have their own domain name, logo, etc., thereby increasing brand loyalty among end users.

Of course, there’s more than just these. We have many more features worth exploring, and we will continuously refine them to meet MSPs’ needs and enhance customer experiences.

Edgecore offers ecCLOUD offers a free trial, feel free to contact us for more information.

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