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Publish | 2023-08-03

Rising Tide of Managed Wi-Fi Service: What’s the Winning Formula for MSPs and ISPs?

Managed Wi-Fi Service has experienced rapid growth worldwide, becoming an undeniable trend. Managed Wi-Fi has become integral to planning and constructing various venues from early public Wi-Fi in cities, airports, and stations to its expansion into hotels, retail chains, and large shopping malls. According to a report by Maravedis LLC in the third quarter of 2023, titled “Multi-Dwelling Rental Units in the United States – Managed Wi-Fi: from Amenity to Necessity,” the market for Managed Wi-Fi Service or Wi-Fi as a Service in the United States is projected to continue growing between 2023 and 2028, reaching an estimated $6 billion by 2028.

One market that has attracted the attention of many MSPs and ISPs is the Managed Wi-Fi Service demand in Multi-Dwelling Units (MDUs). Based on Maravedis LLC’s survey, only 1 percent of MDU properties currently provide managed Wi-Fi, while 15 percent offer bulk internet. This highlights the growing recognition among MDU property owners that providing quality internet connectivity is now a necessity, just like other essential amenities, as it becomes a critical consideration factor for potential residents.

Compared to the traditional bulk internet service through fixed broadband access, Managed Wi-Fi Service from MSPs and ISPs has emerged as a more convincing choice for MDU property owners. This development can be observed from the recent funding rounds of several MSPs, such as Cloud5 Communications, CBX Connect, SmartRent, Gigstreem, among others, who raised tens of millions of dollars. Notably, real estate investment trusts (REITs) have also shown interest in funding such MSPs, reflecting the sensitivity of the real estate market to these trends.

Winning Formula: 3 Key Points to Succeed in the Competitive Market

As the demand for Managed Wi-Fi Service continues to grow, MSPs and ISPs providing this service are not only benefiting from the rising market tide but also facing increasing competition. To stand out in this fiercely competitive market and achieve better Return on Investment (ROI) and operational performance, three key points Managed Wi-Fi Service Providers should focus on:

  • Efficient Network Management

For Managed Wi-Fi Service providers, having efficient network management capabilities is crucial for enhancing customer satisfaction. Venue owners expect their chosen MSP to provide comprehensive network management services, including device configuration management, network security, quick technical support, rapid troubleshooting for end-users’ internet issues, and clear network activity analysis reports. While ensuring customer satisfaction, Managed Wi-Fi Service Providers also need to consider how to enhance their own management and operation efficiency and control overall operational costs. However, quality service and management efficiency should not be a trade-off; rather, they should be achieved through intelligent decision-making. When selecting Wi-Fi network management solutions, solutions that are “open,” “lightweight,” and “on-demand” can provide Managed Wi-Fi Service Providers with more flexibility and agility in meeting various customer needs and better control over network operation costs.

  • Scalability

Scalability is a defining feature of Managed Wi-Fi Service, allowing clients to expand their network services to meet growing demands quickly. Managed Wi-Fi Service Providers must ensure stable supply and quality of Wi-Fi APs, switches, and other devices, as well as guarantee sufficient scalability in managing network devices.

  • Lower CAPEX & OPEX

Investment costs for network devices, including Wi-Fi APs, switches, controllers, and SD-WAN, are essential considerations for MSPs and ISPs operating Managed Wi-Fi Service. Apart from evaluating individual device costs, they should also pay attention to post-purchase expenses, such as yearly software licensing fees, which can become a burden as the business scales.


How Edgecore Wi-Fi Can empowers MSPs and ISPs succeed in Managed Wi-Fi Service Market

Edgecore Wi-Fi offers precise solutions tailored to meet the three key competitive factors for MSPs and ISPs providing Managed Wi-Fi Service:

  • Comprehensive Range of Controller Management Platforms
    • Edgecore Wi-Fi offers multiple options for Controller Management Platforms, including Cloud-based controller (ecCLOUD), appliance-based controller (EWS WLAN Gateway-Controller), and Virtual Controller (VEWS), catering to diverse deployment needs.
    • ecCLOUD simplifies device deployment, management, and monitoring tasks for single or multiple sites across various geographical locations. The WLAN Gateway-Controller includes a comprehensive set of authentication methods, schedule-based policy enforcement, and detailed user logs and reports, enabling enterprises to control each Wi-Fi user precisely.
    • Edgecore Wi-Fi supports multiple Cloud Controllers, such as Netexperience, Wavespot, Tanaza, and Plume, offering a wide array of choices for MSPs and ISPs.
    • The “MSP Mode” feature on ecCLOUD provides agility management tools for Managed Wi-Fi Service Providers.


  • Flexible Scalability of Device Management
    • ecCLOUD supports multi-site and multi-level management, providing scalability of up to 500 sites and a total of 25,000 devices.
    • The ecCLOUD-VPC version further enhances scalability, enabling simultaneous management of 5,000 sites and up to 250,000 devices, meeting continuous growth demands.


  • Diverse Wi-Fi AP and Switch Product Line
    • Edgecore Wi-Fi offers a wide selection of high-quality enterprise-grade concurrent dual-band Wi-Fi 6 indoor Access Points and enterprise PoE switches, including the EAP and ECS series.
    • Specifically tailored for Managed Wi-Fi Service Providers, the EAP104 is a high-quality Wi-Fi 6 Access Point designed for hospitality, apartment buildings, or MDUs. The EAP104 supports 2×2:2 uplink and downlink MU-MIMO between the AP and multiple clients, delivering up to 3 Gbps aggregated data rate. Equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) radio and ZigBee, the EAP104 enables value-added applications such as iBeacon.
    • The Edgecore EAP and ECS series products can be operated independently or controlled through various management options, such as Edgecore ecCLOUD, ecCLOUD-VPC, EWS-Series controller, and CloudSDK Controller.


With a diverse range of Controller Management Platforms, flexible device management scalability, and a variety of Wi-Fi AP and enterprise Switch products tailored for different scenarios, Edgecore Wi-Fi empowers MSPs and ISPs to excel in the highly competitive Managed Wi-Fi Service market, delivering exceptional service to their customers.

In addition, Edgecore Wi-fi collaborate with innovative application companies like Aprecomm, Wedge Networks, and Plume, Edgecore Wi-Fi invests in integrating unique features into its platforms, such as indoor location service, Wi-Fi AIOps solution, cyber threat prevention, and marketing data analytics tools, among others.

Edgecore Wi-Fi collaborates with partners to build a unique ecosystem that enables users to experience the advantages of “openness” by providing multiple choices of operating system software, management tools, and value-added applications. All these three elements can be demonstrated on Edgecore’s advanced and high-quality hardware devices. This approach provides flexibility and agility in networking solutions and fulfills Edgecore’s commitment to “Your Network, Your Choice.”

With Edgecore Wi-Fi, MSPs and ISPs have the flexibility to tailor their networks to unique needs, achieve superior ROI, and deliver exceptional Managed Wi-Fi Services to their customers.

To find out more about how Edgecore Wi-Fi can benefit MSPs and ISPs in managed Wi-Fi service business, reach out to us today!

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