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Publish | 2023-08-07

Your Wi-Fi Bodyguard: Dynamic PSK Safeguards Your MDU Wi-Fi Network

When it comes to managed Wi-Fi services, ensuring security and proper access management is crucial, particularly in hotels, chain stores, and the rapidly growing multi-dwelling units (MDUs) market. Wi-Fi network environments, including MDUs, share a common characteristic – many devices with diverse identities simultaneously using Wi-Fi. The security authentication challenges arising from this have become crucial in network operation and management. Traditional PSK methods have proven inadequate to meet the demands of real-world applications. However, Dynamic PSK (Pre-Shared Key) provides robust security protection and convenient network security management capabilities, and it also offers Wi-Fi network end-users an even better network login experience than before.

Dynamic PSK introduction

  • Each user is assigned a unique Dynamic PSK (DPSK)
  • DPSKs can be easily revoked when a user leaves the organization or loses their device.
  • Multiple user roles can be configured under the same SSID.
  • DPSKs can be applied to a group of devices or bound to specific device MAC addresses.


The significance of Dynamic PSK in shared Wi-Fi network environments with diverse user types is increasing. It not only enhances end-users’ connection security but also simplifies IT management. Unlike traditional PSK methods, where all devices share the same Wi-Fi password, Dynamic PSK provides each device with a unique and dynamically generated encryption key. This significantly bolsters network security by preventing unauthorized access and protecting sensitive data.

The deployment process becomes streamlined with Dynamic PSK as the Wi-Fi password can be stored in an external authentication server. Administrators only need to modify the server when the password needs to be changed or updated. This eliminates the hassle of manually distributing and updating encryption keys for individual devices, providing a convenient and time-saving way to manage Wi-Fi networks, especially in large venues like MDUs and multi-family apartments.


Real-World Scenario: How Dynamic PSK Revolutionizes Wi-Fi Management for MSPs

Let’s consider an MSP managing the Wi-Fi network for a multi-family apartment complex with hundreds of residents. Traditionally, they would use a static PSK for the entire complex, which means all residents would have the same Wi-Fi password. This poses security risks, as any compromise of the password would grant access to all devices within the network.

By implementing Edgecore Wi-Fi’s Dynamic PSK feature, the MSP can assign a unique and dynamically generated encryption key to each resident’s device. This ensures that each resident and each device they own has their own distinct Wi-Fi password, enhancing network security and preventing unauthorized access between devices.

Moreover, if a resident moves out or their device is lost or stolen, the MSP can revoke the specific encryption key associated with that device without affecting the connectivity of other residents. This level of control and security management becomes invaluable in large-managed Wi-Fi setups, where the number of connected devices is continuously changing.


User Benefits for Deploying Dynamic PSK:

  • Enhanced Network Security: Each connected device receives its own unique encryption key, ensuring stronger network security and safeguarding against unauthorized intrusions. With Dynamic PSK, your customers’ sensitive data remains protected from potential threats.
  • Simplified Access Management: The automated generation and assignment of unique encryption keys eliminate the need for manual distribution and updates. New devices can join the network seamlessly, simplifying access management and reducing administrative overhead.
  • Improved Scalability: Dynamic PSK offers high scalability, allowing for effortless addition or removal of devices without the need to reconfigure individual encryption keys. This flexibility empowers efficient network expansion and smooth onboarding processes for new devices.
  • Reduced Credential Sharing: Unique encryption keys discourage credential sharing among users since each device requires its own dynamically generated key. This effectively enhances network security and minimizes the risk of unauthorized users gaining access.
  • Centralized Management: Dynamic PSK can be centrally managed, granting administrators full control over encryption keys and network access policies. Security settings can be easily updated, access for specific devices can be revoked, and access levels for user groups can be managed with ease. This centralized management simplifies Wi-Fi network administration and ensures greater security.
  • Better End-User Experience: By adopting Dynamic PSK, the user’s Wi-Fi login experience is optimized, providing enhanced security and user convenience. With Dynamic PSK, each user’s device is assigned a unique and dynamically generated encryption key, ensuring a secure and personalized Wi-Fi password for every user. Users no longer need to worry about remembering or managing their own credentials, making the login process seamless and hassle-free. Dynamic PSK simplifies Wi-Fi users’ login process; they only need to use the system-assigned exclusive password to connect to Wi-Fi.


With Edgecore Wi-Fi’s Dynamic PSK, MSPs and ISPs can revolutionize their managed Wi-Fi services, providing enhanced security and simplified access management for MDUs and other venue owners that own large numbers of user and device multi-family apartments.

Don’t Wait for Wi-Fi Threats! Reach Out Now and Shield Your MDU with Dynamic PSK! And if you’re interested in learning more about the smart and simplified features that Edgecore has to offer for your network, speak with one of our technical experts today.


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