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Publish | 2023-08-22

The Magic Touch to Banish Wi-Fi AP Interference Woes

In today’s Wi-Fi world, especially in areas with dense AP deployment, it’s common for multiple access points (APs) to transmit signals on the same channel simultaneously, leading to co-channel interference. This interference can degrade the overall efficiency of Wi-Fi networks. Even with advancements like Wi-Fi 6, Wi-Fi 6E, and the upcoming Wi-Fi 7, the necessity of deploying several APs in one location remains, making high-density Wi-Fi deployments susceptible to co-channel interference.

Several factors contribute to this:

  • Some users upgrade only a portion of their APs, resulting in a mix of both old and new models.
  • Places like hotels, dormitories, hospitals, and schools necessitate more APs due to their design and foot traffic.
  • High-device-density areas, especially with IoT applications in venues like hospitals and malls, demand more APs to handle the volume.

Most enterprise-level APs currently feature Auto Channel Selection (ACS) to counter interference. Yet, the majority of these APs activate ACS only upon boot-up, choosing the least busy channel then. This selected channel can quickly become congested, given the dynamic nature of Wi-Fi channel utilization.


Edgecore’s Solution to Wi-Fi Interference: Advanced Interference Detection

Understanding the limitations of the existing ACS, Edgecore optimized its Channel Selection technology. The full suite of Edgecore Wi-Fi APs now boasts the “Interference Detection” function, aptly addressing AP co-channel interference. Supporting Dynamic Channel Selection (DCS) across the 2.4GHz, 5GHz, and 6GHz bands, this revamped feature ensures swift channel adjustments to manage interference.

DCS operates by persistently scanning for the best channel and switching as needed. Edgecore’s proprietary algorithm refines this process, allowing APs to deliver uninterrupted Wi-Fi service. Plus, with the “Channel Utilized Rate” option, users dictate when an AP should initiate dynamic channel scanning and switching based on channel usage thresholds.


Interference Detection in Action: A Hospital’s Transformation

To showcase Edgecore’s Interference Detection, envision a large-scale hospital where Wi-Fi plays a pivotal role, linking stations and ensuring Telemedicine Carts’ movement while transmitting critical data.

The ward area requires stable Wi-Fi across nursing stations, patient rooms, and hallways. To cater to the layout and medical needs, the IT team densely installed APs. This led to substantial interference, hindering telemedicine carts that provide medication and essential patient data.

However, integrating Edgecore’s Wi-Fi 6 APs with Interference Detection dramatically reduced this interference. By ensuring a robust Wi-Fi network, medical professionals can utilize telemedicine carts and other devices, promising uninterrupted, quality medical services.


Simplifying Deployment with ecCLOUD 

For large-scale deployments, Edgecore’s DCS-enabled Wi-Fi 6 APs can be swiftly configured via ecCLOUD. It transitions setups from manual adjustments to cloud-based orchestration, reducing errors and operational costs.


In Essence

Edgecore’s Interference Detection is more than a mere feature—it represents a new approach to addressing Wi-Fi interference. By deftly navigating Wi-Fi’s intricate signal landscape, it promises businesses uninterrupted connections, delivering the Wi-Fi experience as it should be: smooth, fast, and dependable.


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