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Publish | 2023-12-21

From Slow to Go: 3 Tips for Immediate Speed Boosts!

In the digital age, a fast Wi-Fi connection is more than a convenience — it’s necessary. And there’s a good chance you’re not getting the most out of yours. Several pieces of news articles recently buzzed with a revelation that mention a question, some titles such as: “A Little-Known Wi-Fi Trick Unlocks Blazing Speeds.

It’s surprising how many of us are in the dark about unleashing the full power of our daily Wi-Fi connections.

In that case, let us help from here. We’ll introduce you to three methods to supercharge your Wi-Fi network:


  • Tailored Bandwidth per SSID/Access Point

Begin with your SSID configurations. You can fine-tune the upload and download bandwidth for each SSID you manage. By upping these numbers, you’re essentially expanding the bandwidth highway your SSID can travel on. Consequently, all clients linked to this SSID will share this upgraded bandwidth capacity. The result? A noticeable boost in speed for each connected device.

What’s more, you can individually adjust the caps for uploads and downloads. Need to send hefty files in a flash? Ramp up the upload limit. This bespoke approach empowers network administrators with unparalleled control.

Consider this: A supermarket runs separate SSIDs for customers and staff. Come the rush hour, when shoppers typically bemoan sluggish internet, a quick tweak to the customer SSID’s bandwidth cap can make all the difference, turning slow streams into swift surfing, and shoppers into satisfied customers.

Moreover, the versatility of Wi-Fi has been adeptly adopted in paid Wi-Fi services, where this ingenious feature is frequently used to grant customers privileged access to enhanced bandwidth. This approach has seamlessly integrated itself into coffee shops and restaurants. By establishing a customer-exclusive SSID, these venues ensure that their patrons, while indulging in their purchases, simultaneously enjoy a swift internet experience.

Yet, there’s more to this bandwidth wizardry than merely tweaking SSID settings. The true game-changer resides in the direct configuration of the Access Point (AP) itself. Venturing into the settings of your AP device, you’ll discover the capability to precisely adjust the upload and download bandwidth limits. Envision the impact of amplifying the bandwidth limits for a specific AP: such a singular tweak can substantially increase the bandwidth available to client devices connected to this AP.

This strategy is especially beneficial in situations where the demand for bandwidth is high – envision hotel lobbies teeming with guests or venues orchestrating large-scale international video conferences. In these settings, the requirement for robust, real-time audio and video transmission is critical, and fine-tuning the AP settings emerges as the cornerstone for providing a seamless, high-fidelity network experience.


  • Individual Bandwidth Management per Client

The second strategy gives you granular control over the bandwidth allocated to each device on your network. When your SSID is set up with EAP authentication, the AP allows you to tailor individual client bandwidth via RADIUS server configurations. With this, you can assign bespoke bandwidth caps to each device, ensuring bandwidth bottlenecks don’t hamper crucial connections.

Imagine this: A network manager ensures their CEO’s device is always on the fast lane of the data freeway, making embarrassing buffering a thing of the past. It’s smart, it’s simple, and it’s incredibly effective.


  • Prioritization with WMM-enabled AP

The third tip for a stellar Wi-Fi experience is prioritizing your network traffic. With a WMM (Wi-Fi Multimedia)-enabled AP, your network can smartly allocate bandwidth based on the application in use. WMM, part of the IEEE 802.11e standard, is the maestro of Wi-Fi traffic, ensuring that voice calls and video streams get the VIP treatment they deserve.

In essence, whether you’re dialing into a conference call or streaming the latest Netflix movie, WMM standards ensure you’re always front and center.


Wrapping Up:

These are just a few tricks of the trade to elevate your Wi-Fi experience. Managing SSID/AP bandwidth limitation, or customizing client device access bandwidth limitation can instantly enhance users’ network experience. And with WMM support, every byte of data—from calls to streams—is prioritized efficiently.

Every feature described here, collectively known as Quality of Service (QoS), is readily accessible through Edgecore Wi-Fi’s extensive product suite. Additionally, users can swiftly adjust all these settings mentioned above via the ecCLOUD interface, ensuring the optimal Wi-Fi network service experience. Check Here:https://edge-core.com/products_category/access-point/


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