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Publish | 2024-01-03

EAP111: The Must-Have Wi-Fi AP for Your 2024 Procurement List

At the inception of the EAP111 project, Edgecore Wi-Fi product team delved into a fundamental discussion: “As an ISP, is it possible to find a Wi-Fi Access Point (AP) that not only fulfills the general needs of most customers but also caters to specific requirements in diverse environmental conditions?”

Traditionally, Wi-Fi APs have been classified into two distinct categories: “indoor” and “outdoor”. This classification implies that any application not strictly confined to indoor environments necessitates an outdoor solution. However, as many know, outdoor Wi-Fi APs do offer higher levels of water and dust resistance and operate over a wider temperature range, but they also differ in design and size to meet outdoor requirements.

What’s particularly noteworthy is the prevalence of environments that fall into the category of “semi-outdoor”, such as terraces, patios, spaces only covered by roofs, walkways around buildings with eaves, and other partially open areas. These areas are common and often have a larger network coverage requirement than completely outdoor areas.

For many ISPs, MSPs, and even SIs, choosing Wi-Fi APs for above semi-outdoor spaces often leads to a dilemma. Opting for an outdoor AP involves considering installation space, aesthetic design, and cost. However, using a purely indoor AP without basic water and dust resistance can lead to operational issues due to environmental factors like humidity.


Indoor Elegance, Outdoor Robustness

Understanding this challenge, the EAP111 was designed with versatility in mind, as highlighted in its official press release: “Indoor Elegance, Outdoor Robustness.” The EAP111 offers high-quality network transmission performance and resilience to match various environmental conditions.

The so-called Indoor Elegance of the EAP111, as a high-speed Wi-Fi 6 AP, provides stable and high-speed Wi-Fi network transmission capabilities, with speeds of up to 574 Mbps on the 2.4GHz band and up to 2,400 Mbps on the 5GHz band, ensuring seamless streaming, fast downloads, and smooth online experiences for numerous users and devices simultaneously.

“Indoor Elegance, Outdoor Robustness” – this is the value proposition that EAP111 aims to deliver to its customers, eliminating the need to choose between the two and offering the best of both worlds. With its IP55 rating, the EAP111 is crafted for both elegance and resilience. While it excels as an indoor Wi-Fi AP, its dust and water-resistant capabilities also make it perfectly suitable for outdoor or semi-outdoor environments.”


As diverse as the tools on a Swiss Army Knife

Edgecore Wi-Fi also considered the installation needs of ISPs, MSPs, and SIs. In our interactions with customers, we found that many face challenges due to the terrain, architectural design, and decor requirements of installation sites. These factors often necessitate additional tools for Wi-Fi AP installation, complicating the process and extending the duration, thereby incurring significant labor and time costs. Therefore, in developing the EAP111, we specifically focused on designing versatile mounting options.

The EAP111 is akin to a Swiss Army Knife in the world of Wi-Fi APs, offering a range of mounting choices as diverse as the tools on a Swiss Army Knife. This includes adaptable options for walls, ceilings, T-bars, and poles, ensuring that the EAP111 can be expertly fitted in various environments, from indoor offices to semi-outdoor terraces, much like how a Swiss Army Knife is designed to be useful in a multitude of situations


Maximizing Profits, Minimizing Costs

Cost considerations are always sensitive yet unavoidable, particularly in large-scale deployments. When the deployment numbers for Wi-Fi APs start in the thousands, even a slight difference in procurement costs can significantly impact the profit margins of each installation project. This is particularly relevant for ISPs and MSPs offering Managed Wi-Fi Services, where scaling up the deployment size can significantly reduce both CAPEX and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), leading to higher profits.

In large-scale deployments, the ability to lower overall costs through increased volume is a key factor in achieving financial success. The EAP111 has been designed with this economic strategy in mind. It aims to help customers establish a more competitive TCO model, thereby laying a foundation for sustained profit growth through its high performance-to-price ratio.”

With its wide range of applications, the EAP111 addresses the main pain points in Wi-Fi network deployment faced by most customers in the current market. Whether it’s installing numerous Wi-Fi APs in separate rooms while also catering to indoor and semi-open public spaces in hotels, MDUs, and student dormitories, or accommodating various indoor spaces and public areas in office buildings or business parks, the EAP111 meets the needs of different scenarios.


A Strategic Choice for 2024

In summary, the EAP111 stands out as a pivotal Wi-Fi AP for 2024. Are you strategizing your Wi-Fi AP procurement for the upcoming year? Or are you compiling a product list to meet the surging demands of your customers? If so, let the EAP111 be the cornerstone of your plan. With its unparalleled versatility, robust performance, and cost-effectiveness, the EAP111 is not just a wise choice—it’s an essential one for staying ahead in the dynamic world of Wi-Fi technology. Make sure the EAP111 is at the top of your procurement list for 2024 and set the stage for a year of unparalleled connectivity and customer satisfaction.


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