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Publish | 2024-01-12

Edgecore Wi-Fi Remote Site Solution: Revolutionizing Connectivity with SDW102 Series

In today’s era of digitalization and increasing remote work, businesses face the challenge of maintaining stable, secure, and efficient networks across geographically dispersed locations. The Edgecore Wi-Fi offers a comprehensive solution- Remote Site Solution, with the SDW102 series playing a crucial role.


A Comprehensive Remote Site Network Solution

Edgecore Wi-Fi provides a complete solution for businesses with remote sites spread across various locations. This solution includes:

  • Wi-Fi Access Points: Delivering high-performance Wi-Fi coverage and seamless connectivity for IoT devices.


  • Switches: Offering efficient management and optimization of regional networks.


  • SDW102 series: As an SD-WAN device, it provides stable external WAN traffic and instant backup services, ensuring the continuity and security of critical business data.



Additionally, the SDW102-L offers 4G LTE connectivity options, allowing customers to deploy operational sites more dynamically and quickly, such as pop-up stores for specific events. The combination of these features enables customers to expand their operational footprint without worries.


SDW102 Series – The Core of Remote Site Network Management

The role of the SDW102 series in the Edgecore Wi-Fi Remote Site Solution goes beyond mere connectivity and communication. Its advanced features include:

  • Intelligent Traffic Steering: The SDW102 series can identify and prioritize critical business traffic, such as VoIP and video conferencing, ensuring the performance of key applications.


  • Adaptive WAN Selection: Automatically choosing the best data transmission path based on network conditions, enhancing network reliability and efficiency.


  • Multi-Tenancy Capabilities: Allowing businesses to create independent network environments for each remote site while maintaining the convenience of centralized management.


  • Bandwidth Control and QoS: Ensuring that high-priority applications receive the necessary bandwidth resources, optimizing overall network performance.


Understanding SD-WAN Technology and Its Benefits

The Edgecore Wi-Fi SDW series products (SD-WAN Gateways) are capable of providing robust, secure, and adaptive network services on demand, which MPLS connections simply cannot offer. With virtualization support, Edgecore SD-WAN solutions can be programmed to understand the nature of traffic, whether it’s latency-sensitive traffic for voice and video, which needs continuous monitoring and prioritization. This requires capabilities for application recognition, traffic re-routing, load balancing, bandwidth control, and automated fail-over, all of which Edgecore SD-WAN can provide today. Various industries, including large medical centers, chain stores, and large enterprises, have already adopted the Edgecore Wi-Fi SDW series products.


In addition to the existing SDW100 and SDW101, the newly launched SDW102 series by Edgecore Wi-Fi offers an ideal Remote Site network management solution for businesses and institutions with numerous, dispersed sites requiring precise management, such as remote sites, branch offices, and chain stores.


Practical Application Scenarios

  • Chain Coffee Shops: The SDW102, managed via the ecCLOUD platform, enables IT teams to remotely monitor and manage the network of all branches. Its intelligent traffic steering and adaptive WAN selection ensure the continuity of key business operations, enhancing customer experience and operational efficiency.


  • Chain Supermarkets: The diverse management options and intelligent traffic steering of the SDW102 series reduce the risk of POS system interruptions. Meanwhile, its multi-tenancy functionality and QoS policies enhance the customization and efficiency of network services, reducing IT support costs.


  • Enterprise Branch Offices: The SDW102 series offers an efficient networking solution for enterprise branch offices. It ensures network stability and security for employees working remotely while accessing corporate resources. By optimizing data transmission paths and providing necessary bandwidth, the SDW102 guarantees smooth operation of enterprise applications. It also simplifies network management and maintenance, thereby enhancing overall business efficiency.


Technical Details

The technical strengths of the SDW102 series lie in its flexibility and high configurability. Supporting wired WAN and LAN, along with optional 4G LTE Cat6, it adapts to various network environments. Remote management capabilities, flexible Hub or Spoke configuration options, and Edgecore Networks’ centralized controller collectively achieve precise traffic monitoring and management, ensuring optimal performance of applications.



The SDW102 series is the core of the Edgecore Wi-Fi Remote Site Solution, not only resolving network issues but also enhancing operational efficiency, reducing costs, and strengthening business sustainability. For businesses needing efficient and reliable networks across multiple remote sites, the SDW102 is more than a technological solution; it’s a powerful engine driving business growth. The Edgecore Wi-Fi SDW series, including the SDW102 series, provides an ideal Remote Site network management solution for enterprises and institutions with extensive, dispersed sites requiring precise management.

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