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Publish | 2024-01-15

What’s the Key to Optimizing Outdoor Wi-Fi for Modern Needs?

When seeking the ideal outdoor Wi-Fi solution, what you need is more than just a Wi-Fi Access Point (AP); it’s a reliable partner you can entrust with critical tasks. In today’s era of extensive digitalization, a reliable Wi-Fi network transcends being a mere necessity; it’s an essential cornerstone for any application scenario. Particularly in outdoor or unique settings, there’s often a worry that factors like weather conditions and external disturbances might disrupt network stability, potentially leading to service interruptions that could affect operations.


Edgecore Wi-Fi’s OAP101 is crafted to meet these exact needs. It provides a sturdy and dependable Outdoor Wi-Fi AP, engineered to be impervious to water and dust, and resilient against extreme temperatures, all reinforced with TPM (Trusted Platform Module) and additional security safeguards. This ensures unwavering network performance even in the most challenging outdoor settings. Beyond this, with its support for advanced software functionalities like OpenRoaming and OpenMesh, the OAP101 elevates Wi-Fi network services to new heights. It also comes IoT-enabled, empowering users to unlock a diverse range of digital applications through the capabilities of OAP101.


Design Philosophy Rooted in Real User Needs:

At the onset of OAP101’s development, the Edgecore Wi-Fi product design team engaged in extensive and creative contemplation about potential application scenarios, such as:

  • “Can we design an Outdoor Wi-Fi AP suitable for Antarctic scientific research teams, enabling them to enjoy unlimited network access even in remote outdoor camps?”
  • “Furthermore, could we engineer a Wi-Fi AP specifically for refrigerated warehouses, tailored to operate efficiently in low-temperature and high-humidity environments, while addressing the expansive spaces and the demands of real-time logistics tracking?”
  • “For outdoor space applications, we thought of places like Antelope Canyon, Yellowstone Park, Yosemite, and even Indonesia’s Bromo Volcano. These locations not only attract numerous tourists but also require remote monitoring and management. We envisioned an Outdoor Wi-Fi AP that could operate in vast areas with drastic temperature changes and variable climates. If combined with IoT functionality, it could solve many challenging management issues.”
  • “Besides being robust and adaptable to extreme climate changes, this Outdoor Wi-Fi AP must also provide strong network transmission speed and coverage. It should be fast when needed and capable of quickly establishing a large Wi-Fi network for broader coverage.”
  • “Considering that outdoor Wi-Fi AP installation sites are often unguarded if someone with malicious intent were to damage or hack into these outdoor Wi-Fi APs, they could become a security vulnerability for the entire network. Therefore, in addition to software security protection, we also provide comprehensive hardware-level security.”


In sculpting the OAP101, our vibrant brainstorming sessions, intensely focused on grasping the genuine demands of our users, became the cornerstone of our design philosophy, steering us towards the creation of a product truly attuned to real-world needs.


Reliable Performance in Extreme Environments and Climates

OAP101 operates within a temperature range of -40°C to 60°C, meaning it can function normally under extreme climatic conditions. Whether it’s the severe cold of Siberia, the scorching heat of Death Valley in California, the high temperatures of Kuwait City and Uluru in Australia, or the hot and humid conditions of many Southeast Asian cities, tropical jungles, and even islands, OAP101 maintains stable performance. This wide operating temperature range makes it an ideal choice for various climatic environments.

Moreover, featuring IP66/IP68 ratings, OAP101 is not only dustproof and maintains the cleanliness and integrity of internal components, but it can also withstand strong water jets and can be submerged under certain conditions without damage. This makes OAP101 highly suitable for special scenarios such as:

  • Outdoor construction sites: Amidst dust, mud, and the impact of rainwater or construction water, OAP101 operates normally.
  • Marine and coastal areas: In salt spray and humid environments, OAP101’s IP68 rating is particularly suitable.
  • Boats and docks: Amidst splashing water and strong winds, OAP101 maintains stable operation.
  • Outdoor leisure and adventure activities: In heavy rain and muddy conditions, OAP101’s IP68 rating is ideal.
  • Agriculture and horticulture: In fields and gardens, OAP101 effectively works against dust, soil, and water.
  • Industrial environments: Amidst dust, grease, and various liquids, OAP101 provides reliable performance.
  • Outdoor monitoring and security systems: In various weather conditions, including heavy rain, snow, and freezing, OAP101 operates stably.
  • Urban infrastructure: Such as outdoor lighting, traffic lights, and public information displays, OAP101 withstands various weather conditions in urban environments.


Given the unique requirements of outdoor deployment, security was a paramount consideration in the design of OAP101. This is exemplified by its integration of TPM, a critical security feature that bolsters device security. TPM, a dedicated hardware security module, is engineered to fortify the security of computing devices. It brings to the table several key benefits, including:

  • Enhanced data security: TPM securely stores encryption keys, digital certificates, and passwords, ensuring better protection of sensitive data even if the system is compromised.
  • Secure boot: TPM supports a secure boot process, ensuring only trusted software is loaded, helping to prevent malicious software from loading at system startup.
  • Hardware-level protection: TPM provides hardware-level security protection, more robust and difficult to circumvent than software-only security measures.
  • Integrity checks: TPM is used to ensure system integrity, checking if the system has been unauthorizedly modified, and providing a higher level of security assurance.
  • Secure communication: TPM also protects network communication, ensuring the security and integrity of data during transmission.


Exceptional Wi-Fi Performance and Coverage

OAP101 not only excels in physical durability, but its Wi-Fi transmission performance is also noteworthy. It features 2×2:2 uplink and downlink MU-MIMO technology, capable of transmitting data to multiple clients simultaneously, with a combined data transfer rate of nearly 3 Gbps. Additionally, OAP101 integrates BLE technology, supporting value-added applications like iBeacon and Matter, further expanding its application scenarios. Considering future IoT applications in various settings, whether it’s smart traffic management in cities, installing network monitoring systems in orchards and ranches, or setting up smart ship and vehicle management systems in yacht docks or parking lots, OAP101’s stable network connection and built-in BLE and Matter can develop diversified IoT application services.

In terms of antenna performance, OAP101 supports built-in omnidirectional antennas with a 20-degree downtilt design, effectively covering the area below the floor or device location. It provides 5dBi gain in the 2.4 GHz band and 6dBi gain in the 5 GHz band, ensuring broad and uniform signal coverage.


OpenMesh and OpenRoaming User Benefits

By integrating OpenMesh and OpenRoaming technologies, OAP101 offers a range of significant benefits, further solidifying its position as an advanced outdoor Wi-Fi access point.

1. Enhanced Network Stability and Coverage Range (OpenMesh):

  • With support for the IEEE 802.11 standard, OAP101 can establish a self-healing and self-optimizing mesh network, crucial for vast or topographically complex outdoor environments. For instance, in outdoor construction sites or nature reserves, traditional Wi-Fi networks might fail to provide stable connections due to terrain obstacles or distance limitations. OAP101’s mesh network functionality allows devices to interconnect, forming a robust network that ensures seamless network coverage even in these challenging environments.


2. Seamless Network Switching Experience (OpenRoaming):

  • OpenRoaming technology enables OAP101 to provide a cellular-like Wi-Fi roaming experience for users. As users move to a new Wi-Fi coverage area, their devices automatically connect to the optimal Wi-Fi network without manual selection or re-authentication. This means a smoother, more convenient connection experience for users frequently moving in large public spaces, tourist attractions, or urban environments, without the hassle of connection interruptions or re-login.
  • OpenRoaming’s secure authentication mechanism ensures data security when users connect to new networks. This is crucial for users concerned about privacy and data protection. Moreover, this seamless connection approach reduces the need for users to remember multiple network passwords or undergo tedious setup, thus providing a more convenient and faster internet experience.



Driven by today’s digitalization wave, IoT applications are rapidly evolving, from smart cities to remote monitoring, from precision agriculture to intelligent transportation systems. Innovative applications are flourishing like a blooming garden. In this diverse and expanding digital world, outdoor IoT applications will occupy a significant position, and OAP101 is the ideal partner to propel these applications.

OAP101’s robust durability, exceptional connection stability, and advanced security features make it an ideal choice for deploying IoT applications in outdoor environments. Whether installing smart lighting systems on busy city streets or conducting environmental monitoring in remote areas, OAP101 provides strong and reliable support. Its high performance ensures real-time data transmission and processing, while its extensive coverage range offers more reliable network transmission, thereby enhancing the service experience.

Now is the time to act. Choosing OAP101 is not just selecting an efficient outdoor Wi-Fi access point; it’s laying a solid foundation for your digital IoT application services. Whether your goal is to improve operational efficiency, enhance user experience, or explore new business opportunities, OAP101 will be your best partner. Act now and experience the reliability of OAP101 firsthand.

At Edgecore Wi-Fi, we are committed to advancing your connectivity experience and IoT applications, helping you ride the waves of digitalization.

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