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Publish | 2024-02-27

Connect Smarter, Roam Freer: Journeying Through the Invisible Cities of OpenMesh and OpenRoaming

The expectation of ubiquitous Wi-Fi connectivity has become deeply entrenched. As we rely increasingly on applications that necessitate an internet connection, Wi-Fi stands out as the preferred technology. Nevertheless, the diverse deployment environments demand that Wi-Fi technology evolves continuously, especially in its authentication and deployment strategies. Pioneering this evolution, OpenRoaming and OpenMesh deliver seamless network connectivity that transcends network boundaries, domains, and even international borders, catering to billions of Wi-Fi-enabled devices. They also provide adaptable and robust wireless mesh networking for various environments, from vast landscapes to uniquely designed architectural spaces.

In 2024, Edgecore Wi-Fi unveiled a new range of Wi-Fi APs that not only guarantee stable and superior network performance but also embrace the capabilities of OpenRoaming and OpenMesh. Several of Edgecore Wi-Fi’s products, including models like the EAP101, EAP102, EAP104, and EAP104 Lite, which maintain popularity in the market, are already equipped with these sophisticated features.


OpenRoaming: The Seamless Shift

OpenRoaming stands as a champion of seamless connectivity, offering an intuitive networking experience that caters to a fundamental user need — the ability to move effortlessly between networks without interruption. By eradicating the nuisance of frequent manual logins, OpenRoaming provides a service that is in sync with users’ movements across varied settings. This ease of transition is crucial in the IoT arena, where devices often depend on a steady and independent network connection to function optimally.


Where Will OpenRoaming Cast Its Spell?

  1. Airports and Transit Hubs
  2. Smart Cities
  3. Retail and Hospitality
  4. Educational Campuses
  5. Healthcare Facilities
  6. Conferences and Large Events
  7. Outdoor Public Spaces


Ultimately, OpenRoaming revolutionizes access to both public and private Wi-Fi networks, eliminating barriers to connectivity and spearheading a more integrated, user-centric digital experience across numerous environments and scenarios. Its implementation is poised to significantly elevate service quality in terms of ease, security, and mobility, meeting the modern demand for continuous connectivity.


OpenMesh: The Architect of Flexibility

OpenMesh stands apart in the mesh networking landscape with its open-source architecture, which ushers in advanced capabilities for deeper service integration. This sophisticated solution not only extends a network’s coverage but also fine-tunes network performance to meet specific operational requirements via comprehensive Quality of Service (QoS) and management features. This approach provides customers with an exceptionally adaptable mesh network, skilled at navigating signal-compromised areas and accommodating expansive or structurally complex sites.


OpenMesh Unleashes Potential in These Application Scenarios:

  1. Enhancing reach within older buildings or heritage sites
  2. Improving connectivity in challenging outdoor or rural terrains
  3. Offering dependable wireless services in large public spaces
  4. Creating temporary network infrastructures for events or projects
  5. Streamlining communication in intricate industrial environments
  6. Addressing coverage voids in residential areas


Utilizing OpenMesh showcases the technology’s capacity to deliver resilient, flexible, and scalable Wi-Fi solutions that meet a range of environmental challenges and user requirements. The integration of mesh networking marks a significant stride in surmounting traditional connectivity challenges, facilitating a more accessible and efficient communication network.


Edgecore Wi-Fi’s Innovation

At Edgecore Wi-Fi, we have closely collaborated with users and explored cutting-edge applications to understand the progressive requirements of Wi-Fi networks. We extend beyond the foundational capabilities of OpenRoaming and OpenMesh, pioneering in UI and UX design. For instance, the configuration of OpenRoaming, a potentially complex endeavor, has been simplified by Edgecore. Our refined UI facilitates the setup process, automating the incorporation of various authentication methods into the OpenRoaming framework. Furthermore, Edgecore enriches user interaction with the network via the Captive Portal feature within OpenRoaming. This function ensures that while users avoid the tedium of repetitive logins, they remain engaged through service explanations and other information during the authentication process, promoting a more interactive user experience.


A Synthesis of Innovation

The integration of OpenRoaming and OpenMesh within Edgecore Wi-Fi’s product portfolio signifies a remarkable evolution in wireless technology. These innovations transcend being mere features; they represent transformative shifts that redefine the user experience. They envision a future where Wi-Fi is not just a utility but an intuitive extension of our digital existence, seamlessly bridging users with the services they depend on.

As we progress, the incorporation of OpenRoaming and OpenMesh into Edgecore Wi-Fi’s offerings is about more than just enhanced connectivity—it’s about crafting a more interconnected and accessible world.

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