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Publish | 2024-03-05

EAP104: Optimal Wi-Fi Solution for Multi-Room and Multi-Space Environments

In environments like hotels, dormitories, and co-working offices, featuring multiple rooms or spaces, establishing a robust, reliable, and easily managed wireless network connection is paramount for IT managers. The Edgecore Wi-Fi EAP104 emerges as the definitive choice for such multi-room and multi-space applications. With just a few simple installation steps, your space can be instantly transformed into a more intelligent and connected environment. This transformation is achieved not by magic but through the technological innovation of the EAP104 Wi-Fi Access Point (AP) by Edgecore, designed specifically to meet the unique demands of multi-room and multi-space settings.


Enterprise-grade Wi-Fi 6 Technology: The EAP104 is an enterprise-grade, concurrent dual-band Wi-Fi 6 indoor wall-plate access point, making it ideal for use in hospitality, apartment buildings, or Multi-Dwelling Units (MDUs). It supports 2×2:2 uplink and downlink MU-MIMO technology, enabling efficient communication between the AP and multiple clients and achieving an aggregated data rate of up to 1.7 Gbps. Additionally, the EAP104 is equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) radio and ZigBee, supporting value-added applications such as iBeacon. This device can operate in standalone mode or be managed via Edgecore ecCLOUD, offering versatility in its deployment.


Versatile Installation Options: The EAP104 is designed with a philosophy of providing users with flexible installation options to suit various environments, surpassing the capabilities of similar products from other brands by offering wall-plate installation and additional wall-mount and desktop options.


Wall-Plate Installation: This process is as straightforward as ABC, involving just three easy steps for installation: 1. Securing the bracket, 2. Connecting the Ethernet cable, 3. Placing the EAP104. After installation, use the included security screws to firmly lock the EAP104 to the bracket, ensuring long-term safety and stability.


Wall-Mount Option: For spaces without pre-installed junction boxes, the wall-mount option provides a convenient alternative for network deployment without requiring renovation, ensuring the AP can be smoothly integrated into any interior design.


Desktop Installation: In specific settings, desktop placement of the EAP104 can significantly reduce wiring and the impact on interior decor, offering stable network service without additional cabling.


Streamlined Network Management: Regardless of the chosen installation method (wall-plate, wall-mount, or desktop), completing the EAP104’s installation and connection process enables quick device setup and registration on ecCLOUD by scanning the QR code on the device’s back. This smart management approach, facilitated by a simple QR code scan, allows for fast device registration and the implementation of quick settings and centralized management via ecCLOUD, simplifying network maintenance and monitoring.


Innovative Pass-Through Port Design: Featuring a pass-through port on its rear, the EAP104 facilitates a PoE connection during wall-mount installation. This design supports continuous network connectivity or power supply, maintaining signal quality while providing benefits such as shared network connections, simplified wiring, and improved flexibility and scalability.


A Platform for Space Positioning and Interactive Applications: With BLE and ZigBee capabilities, the EAP104 supports value-added applications like iBeacon, making it a versatile platform for developing space positioning and interactive services. This functionality enables efficient implementation of location-based services and interactions, enhancing user experiences and offering personalized services.


For example, hotels can leverage the iBeacon feature of the EAP104 to develop systems for managing housekeeping staff, or in student dormitories, to create access control management systems. Similarly, in convention centers or shared office spaces, the EAP104’s iBeacon functionality can facilitate the development of applications for counting attendees, facilitating check-ins, sending notifications, and providing indoor navigation services to guide event participants to their destinations.


In conclusion, the Edgecore EAP104 isn’t just a Wi-Fi access point; it’s a cornerstone for modern, interconnected spaces where seamless integration and intelligent interaction are not just desired but required. Its cutting-edge Wi-Fi 6 technology, versatile installation options, and innovative features such as the pass-through port and support for iBeacon applications make it not merely a device but a transformative tool. Whether it’s a bustling hotel, a dynamic co-working space, or the quiet halls of a dormitory, the EAP104 ensures that connectivity is not just available but optimized, secure, and intuitive. Imagine a world where technology adapts to space, rather than the other way around—a world made possible by the EAP104. Step into the future of wireless networking, where every room is a portal to vast digital landscapes, and every connection is a step towards a smarter, more connected community. The EAP104 isn’t just the best choice for your multi-room/multi-space Wi-Fi needs; it’s your partner in navigating the ever-evolving digital world, making it not just accessible, but truly your own.

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