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Publish | 2024-03-14

The OpenLAN Revolution: A Technical Deep Dive into Edgecore’s Latest Innovation

As the networking landscape braces for a transformative shift with Edgecore’s OpenLAN Switching (OLS) introduction, it’s crucial to unpack the technological marvel behind this innovation. OLS is developed based on the TIP (Telecom Infra Project) OpenLAN initiative, incorporating both OpenWiFi and OLS within its architecture. The OpenWiFi and OLS products introduced by Edgecore Wi-Fi are designed for versatile deployment across a wide range of industry sectors. Edgecore’s OpenWiFi has been implemented in various application scenarios across multiple countries and regions, including city public Wi-Fi networks, university campuses, multi-dwelling units (MDUs), and dormitories.

During the ongoing process of designing, developing, and deploying OpenWiFi, Edgecore Wi-Fi has received feedback from customers in various fields: “If we could install switches with the same open-source architecture as OpenWiFi, we could establish a comprehensive open architecture network, maximizing the benefits of Open Networking architecture with higher deployment efficiency and lower TCO.

With a long-standing foundation in switch technology, Edgecore Wi-Fi has the most comprehensive switch product lines in the current market, covering cloud data centers, telecommunications, enterprises, and various other vertical applications. Therefore, in the journey towards investing in OLS product lines, Edgecore Wi-Fi is not only one of the earliest vendors to embark on this path but also the fastest-growing.

We believe that by leveraging our existing switch product lines and the profound technical strength of the entire company in switch, Edgecore Wi-Fi will be the most capable provider in the market to offer complete and innovative OLS solutions. We are committed to this goal and will actively provide necessary technical consultation and innovative solutions to customers from various industries, accelerating their goals of implementing and deploying OpenLAN networks. OpenLAN isn’t just a new product; it’s a vision materialized into a platform that promises to redefine how we think about and manage network infrastructures. This exploration delves into the technical intricacies of OpenLAN, offering a deeper understanding of its potential to revolutionize network management, interoperability, and user experience.


Why You Need OpenLAN — OpenWiFi+ OLS?

  • Unifying the Network: The Core of OpenLAN
    At the heart of OpenLAN’s innovation lies its ability to seamlessly integrate OpenWiFi Access Points (APs) with OpenLAN switches under a unified management system. This is not merely about device compatibility; it’s about creating a cohesive network ecosystem. Traditionally, managing APs and switches required navigating through disparate systems, a process often fraught with complexity and inefficiency. OpenLAN changes this narrative by offering a unified management platform, where devices communicate and cooperate in an orchestrated manner, simplifying network administration and enhancing performance.

This harmonization is achieved through the use of standardized protocols and an open-source management framework that ensures compatibility and functional richness. By leveraging these standardized protocols, OpenLAN facilitates a network environment where APs and switches, despite their varied functions, work together seamlessly, sharing information and policies in real-time to ensure optimal network performance and security.

  • The Open Source Advantage: Flexibility and Community Innovation
    A pivotal aspect of OpenLAN’s appeal is its foundation in open-source principles. This approach not only fosters transparency and customization but also invites community-driven innovation. By embracing open-source, OpenLAN benefits from the collective expertise of a global community of developers and engineers, continuously evolving through shared insights and advancements. This collaborative model accelerates the development of new features and functionalities, ensuring that OpenLAN remains at the cutting edge of networking technology.

Moreover, the open-source foundation of OpenLAN enables a level of customization and flexibility unseen in proprietary solutions. Users can tailor the system to their specific needs, optimizing their network infrastructure for maximum efficiency and scalability. This adaptability is crucial for businesses and organizations looking to future-proof their networks in an era of rapid technological change.

  • Enhancing Security and Efficiency: The OpenLAN Edge
    Another technical facet where OpenLAN shines is in its approach to network security and efficiency. By allowing for sophisticated management of access controls, such as 802.1X authentication, OpenLAN ensures that only authorized devices can connect to the network, significantly enhancing security. Moreover, the automatic configuration of VLANs across APs and switches simplifies network segmentation, a critical strategy for protecting sensitive data and ensuring optimal performance.

The ability to coordinate these settings across the entire network through a single controller not only streamlines the management process but also reduces the potential for configuration errors, further securing and optimizing the network infrastructure.


Edgecore Wi-Fi的OpenLAN Solution

You can find information about Edgecore Wi-Fi’s OpenLAN solution in the following articles, which include introductions to OpenWiFi, OpenLAN switching products and technologies, as well as global deployment progress and application examples of OpenWiFi over the past two years.

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In Edgecore Wi-Fi, all Wi-Fi and switch product lines support OpenLAN. This means that the enterprise-grade Wi-Fi APs and the majority of enterprise-grade switches available on the Edgecore Wi-Fi website (https://wifi.edge-core.com/) now come in OpenLAN versions. These products are interoperable with other brands supporting the OpenLAN architecture and can be centrally managed by the CloudSDK controller.

OpenLAN, driven by collaboration between TIP and technical community partners, was initially intended to address the needs of telecom operators, MSPs, and other network service providers. It aims to eliminate the “vendor lock-in hassle,” which limits their autonomy to choose the perfect-fit solution for their needs. However, the mission of OpenLAN is to grant these entities the freedom to choose the best network solutions. Extending the benefits of open architecture technologies enhances network investment with lower TCO and higher ROI. Throughout Edgecore Wi-Fi’s development of OpenWiFi and OLS, we’ve received a plethora of feedback from diverse vertical players. They believe that OpenLAN solutions, based on open architecture, can accelerate innovation. These verticals demonstrate their eagerness to deploy OpenLAN in sectors ranging from smart healthcare and industrial IoT to smart cities and even smart agriculture. The emergence of these innovative demands has drawn the attention of telecom operators and MSPs, who recognize the value of addressing the needs of verticals adopting OpenLAN networks.

This positive cycle, facilitated by open network architecture, is spreading its benefits more efficiently across different sectors. Edgecore Wi-Fi will continue to invest in driving the development of OpenLAN technology solutions. We also welcome more partners from various verticals to choose OpenLAN solutions, fostering a more diverse range of innovations. Through tangible actions, including technical consultation services and comprehensive product solutions, we aim to assist more people in embracing the transformative power of OpenLAN in networking.

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