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Publish | 2024-02-27

Edgecore Wi-Fi Unveils the Industry’s Most Comprehensive OpenLAN Switching Lineup

Featuring Six Switch Series and Over 20 Models for All Networking Demands


Hsinchu, February 27, 2024 – Edgecore Networks, a leader in innovative network solutions for enterprises, data centers, and telecommunication service providers, is thrilled to announce today the launch of its OpenLAN Switching (OLS) product line. This expansive range, which includes six switch series and over twenty unique models, solidifies Edgecore Wi-Fi’s position as a leader in the industry. It also establishes Edgecore Wi-Fi as the supplier with the most diverse OLS product offerings on the market. Our lineup boasts an unparalleled variety of product types and functional specifications, meticulously designed to meet specific customer needs. Whether it’s compact solutions for small spaces or extensive systems for entire buildings, Edgecore Wi-Fi is committed to delivering precision and quality in addressing every client’s requirements.

Leading the market, Edgecore Wi-Fi’s OLS series caters to a wide range of networking needs with precision. The series includes the ECS1100, ECS2100, ECS4100, ECS4125, ECS4150, and ECS4650 models, each offering diverse port configurations, multi-Gigabit capabilities, and various PoE (Power over Ethernet) budget options. This extensive lineup ensures that there are suitable choices for applications of any size, providing flexible and scalable network solutions tailored to meet every specific demand.


The Goal of OpenLAN Switching

The Telecom Infra Project (TIP) aims to revolutionize Local Area Network (LAN) connectivity with its OpenLAN Switching (OLS) initiative, building upon the OpenWiFi framework. OLS offers a harmonized solution for LAN switches, embodying the same principles as OpenWiFi: it is open-source, supports a multi-vendor environment, ensures robust interoperability with white-box devices, and provides an improved, thoroughly verified end-to-end system. OLS is particularly focused on fulfilling these essential criteria to meet the modern demands of LAN infrastructure.


Specifically, OLS is dedicated to meeting the following key requirements:

  • Support for advanced PoE++ functionality required by Wi-Fi 6E/7 and 6 GHz access points.
  • Provide a unified Wi-Fi and switch solution.
  • Future-proof design for immersive applications, ensuring extremely low latency and high bandwidth experiences.
  • Deliver applicable solutions for millions of commercial buildings across industries such as education, retail, and hospitality.


Edgecore Wi-Fi OLS Solution Overview

Edgecore Wi-Fi’s OpenLAN Switching (OLS) series offers a comprehensive array of switch products designed to cater to a spectrum of network environments, from compact office settings to expansive enterprise landscapes:

  • ECS1100 Series: Tailored for small to medium network needs, the ECS1100 series is an entry-level Layer 2 smart switch suite from 5 to 28 ports, offering up to 480W of PoE++ power. The ECS1100-5P model is perfect for chain stores and small offices, whereas the ECS1100-10HP & ECS1100-28HP are designed to handle more connections and devices with higher power requirements.
  • ECS2100 Series: The Layer 2/Layer 2+ switch. This mid-range suite ranges from 8 to 48 ports with variable PoE power levels, apt for medium-sized businesses seeking scalability. For instance, the ECS2100-28PP delivers up to 370W of PoE power, ideal for supporting several high-power devices such as Wi-Fi 6 access points.
  • ECS4100 Series: Targeting enterprise environments that require superior performance, the ECS4100 series is a Layer 2+/Layer 3 Lite switch that offers 8 to 48 port configurations, with select models featuring up to 370W of PoE power. Models like the ECS4100-52P are suitable for extensive office complexes or educational facilities, where the demand for high throughput and low latency.
  • ECS4125 and ECS4150 Series: Catering to high-end market needs, the ECS4125 series and ECS4150 series are Layer 2+/Layer 3 Lite switches that come equipped with functionalities including static routing and RIP (Routing Information Protocol), enhancing their versatility and capability. The ECS4125-10P has eight 2.5G ports and two 10G SFP+ uplink ports, providing up to 240W PoE++ power that is geared towards SMBs with higher data rate requirements. The ECS4150 series, exemplified by the ECS4150-54P model, targets high-performance sectors with its robust 740W PoE support and six 25G SFP28 ports, accommodating extensive high-speed network deployments and readiness for emerging technologies.
  • ECS4650 Series: Engineered for high-density access and swift uplink demands, the ECS4650 series stands out as a full Layer 3 switch. The ECS4650-54T model boasts 48 1GbE ports, six 25G SFP28 uplinks, and a substantial 369Gbps switching capacity. Meanwhile, the ECS4650-54P variant enhances its capabilities with extensive PoE+ and PoE++ options, delivering a total power output of 740W across its ports to cater to diverse device requirements. With support for static and dynamic routing, this series is well-suited for data centers and large enterprises seeking advanced networking solutions.


In summary, Edgecore Wi-Fi’s OLS offerings are centered on adaptability and scalability, positioning them as prime candidates for network expansions and upgrades, ensuring compliance with existing standards and readiness for next-generation technologies like Wi-Fi 7.

Edgecore Wi-Fi OLS : https://edge-core.com/openwifi/#openlan-switches


Feature Highlights

Edgecore Wi-Fi OLS solutions not only provide basic functions such as static routing, STP/RSTP loop prevention, DHCP relay, and 802.1X port security, but also advanced features like SVI Layer 3 addressing, MAC-OUI auto VLAN division, IGMP multicast traffic management, port and VLAN isolation, and dynamic VLAN configuration to enhance network performance and security.

Beyond the excellent basic functions, the Edgecore Wi-Fi OLS solutions also offer advanced networking equipment features because they involve deeper implementation of network management, security, and protocols. These features are common in enterprise-level network hardware and are typically configured and managed by experienced network professionals.

The primary purpose of these advanced features is to provide finer control, enhance security, improve management efficiency, and boost network performance. LLDP (Link Layer Discovery Protocol) offers strong support for real-time discovery and interconnection between devices, greatly enhancing network visibility and manageability. Combined with 802.1X authentication, it strengthens the security of wireless networks, ensuring only certified users and devices can access the network. Direct PoE control further simplifies the power and data connection of devices, reducing cabling needs and providing more efficient power management options. ACLs (Access Control Lists) in the management interface add an extra layer of security, allowing detailed access and operational control. The CLI and Syslog functions through uCentral provide powerful tools for remote management and troubleshooting, including but not limited to configuration of non-uCentral managed functions. The integration of these advanced features not only sets new standards for modern network management, but also brings a more efficient, secure, and reliable network operation experience to the industry.



Edgecore Wi-Fi’s OLS product line represents a significant leap forward in networking technology, delivering an unprecedented level of diversity and capability across its range of solutions. From the robust Layer 2 ECS1100 series designed for small to medium networks, to the high-performance full Layer 3 ECS4650 series ideal for large enterprises and data centers, Edgecore ensures that every networking need is met with precision and quality. With its commitment to innovation, Edgecore Wi-Fi’s OLS series not only meets current networking standards but is also poised to embrace future advancements such as Wi-Fi 7.

Don’t let your network fall behind the curve. Contact Edgecore Wi-Fi today to discover how our OLS solutions can transform your connectivity and propel your business forward. Embrace the future of networking now and ensure your infrastructure is ready for the advancements of tomorrow. Contact us now! https://edge-core.com/contact/

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