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Publish | 2024-04-02

Connecting Every Space: Introducing Edgecore’s EAP112, EAP111, and OAP101 for Diverse Wi-Fi Scenarios

In an age where connectivity is an indispensable part of our daily lives, the advancement of wireless network technology has not only sped up connections but also broadened the potential for applications. Edgecore Wi-Fi’s recently launched trio of products—EAP112, EAP111, and OAP101—embody this spirit of innovation. Each possesses unique features and application scenarios, ready to exert extraordinary effects across various domains and make our world more connected.


EAP112: The Guardian of Long-Range Connections

Imagine a guardian capable of connecting devices across vast lands, the isolated and unaided. This is the EAP112, a Wi-Fi HaLow router with Matter gateway capabilities, born for the IoT sphere that demands long-distance, low-power connections. Be it smart agriculture, smart cities, or industrial monitoring, the EAP112 ensures every corner is covered with a stable connection, acting tirelessly to guarantee the free flow of information.

As a revolutionary Wi-Fi HaLow router with integrated Matter gateway functions, EAP112 is tailored for IoT applications requiring extensive coverage and sustained device operation, such as in smart agriculture, smart cities, and industrial monitoring. The integration of Matter gateway technology further enhances device interconnectivity, providing a stable and reliable platform for IoT applications. With the addition of LTE and CBRS as backhaul network options, users are afforded the flexibility to choose the most suitable backhaul network based on different deployment conditions.

EAP112 masterfully combines multiple communication technologies to introduce a new perspective for applications grappling with the deployment and management of a multitude of IoT devices. Users will witness a new world unlocked by EAP112, one that transcends traditional technological constraints.


EAP111: The Multiscenario Strategist of Wireless Networks

The EAP111 emerges in today’s versatile wireless network environment, breaking the mold of having to choose between traditional indoor or outdoor Wi-Fi Access Points (APs). With its high-speed Wi-Fi 6 transmission capabilities, reaching 574 Mbps on the 2.4GHz band and 2400 Mbps on the 5GHz band, EAP111 boasts “Indoor Elegance, Outdoor Robustness.” Thus, it fits perfectly not just in indoor offices, schools, and home environments but also adapts to semi-outdoor spaces like terraces and corridors, blending beauty with durability to provide an uninterrupted, high-quality network experience.

EAP111 is designed with installation flexibility and cost efficiency in mind, offering a variety of mounting options like walls, ceilings, T-bars, and poles—akin to a Swiss Army knife’s adaptability to different environments. Moreover, for the large-scale deployment needs of ISPs and MSPs, EAP111’s high performance-to-price ratio helps establish a more competitive Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), maximizing profits and minimizing costs while delivering managed Wi-Fi services. With its high-speed Wi-Fi 6 technology and robust exterior design, EAP111 demonstrates exceptional adaptability in both the bustling office scenes and the natural environments of outdoor patios, merging aesthetics with resilience and providing the perfect wireless network solution for every scenario.


OAP101: The Bastion of Outdoor Connectivity

OAP101 stands as a bastion in the vast outdoors, providing a stable connection that holds the fort in harsh conditions. This Outdoor Wi-Fi AP is built for such resilience, promising continuous network service in parks, resorts, or stadiums—anywhere that open skies touch.

Edgecore Wi-Fi’s OAP101 is crafted as a dependable Outdoor Wi-Fi AP, resilient against severe weather and temperature extremes, and fortified with TPM and additional security measures to maintain network stability in the most challenging outdoor settings. Whether it’s temporary research camps in remote areas, real-time tracking in refrigerated warehouses, or natural reserves and tourist hotspots requiring remote monitoring, OAP101 exceeds expectations in network connectivity. It supports advanced software functionalities like OpenRoaming and OpenMesh, and is IoT-enabled, paving the way for diverse digital applications across industries — from smart city traffic management to network monitoring in agricultural settings, or smart ship and vehicle systems at docks and parking lots.

As an Outdoor Wi-Fi AP optimized for outdoor conditions, OAP101 is particularly suitable for ensuring stable wireless connections in places such as parks, resorts, or sports venues. It excels with outstanding weather resistance and coverage, ensuring uninterrupted network services in a variety of outdoor environments. Whether providing public Wi-Fi services or supporting outdoor monitoring and data collection, OAP101 is the ideal choice.



Edgecore Wi-Fi’s EAP112, EAP111, and OAP101, with their distinct features, guarantee efficient connectivity across various settings. As technology evolves, Edgecore demonstrates its dedication to innovation and envisions a seamlessly connected future. Whether you require long-distance, energy-efficient connections, high-density, high-speed experiences, or consistent outdoor wireless coverage, Edgecore Wi-Fi is your ideal ally.

In the data-centric world, the value of connectivity is unmistakable. With EAP112’s visionary reach, EAP111’s nimble performance, and OAP101’s resilient nature, Edgecore Wi-Fi delivers uninterrupted, dependable connectivity, no matter the challenge. These products stand at the forefront of wireless network technology, signaling a future ripe with connectivity possibilities. Edgecore Wi-Fi’s innovations don’t just meet today’s demands—they pave the way for tomorrow’s advancements. Embrace the boundless opportunities presented by Edgecore Wi-Fi’s latest APs and join us on a journey toward limitless connectivity.

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