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Publish | 2024-04-10

Unveiling the EAP112’s Capabilities: A Glimpse into the Future of IoT Connectivity

In early 2024, Edgecoer Wi-Fi made an announcement that caught the attention of many across various industries: the upcoming launch of the EAP112. This piece of news was met with a plethora of responses, presenting diverse use cases and scenario requirements that underscored the potential for innovation with the EAP112 far beyond what we had initially imagined.

The excitement surrounding new technology entering the market often lies in the innovative sparks that emerge from viewing it from different perspectives. The EAP112 is a shining example of such innovation. Dubbed as a multi-faceted Internet of Things (IoT) wireless technology device, the EAP112 uniquely supports a combination of protocols including Wi-Fi 6, Wi-Fi HaLow, BLE, Zigbee, Matter, LTE, CBRS, and Ethernet, making it a pioneer in its field.


A Versatile Six-Technology Integrated Wireless IoT Solution

Let’s take a closer look at what the EAP112 brings to the table. Alongside Wi-Fi 6, this groundbreaking solution incorporates support for six wireless communication technologies including BLE, Zigbee, Thread, Wi-Fi Halow, and LTE, thus offering comprehensive capabilities for short-range wireless communication.

This innovative network device broadens its support to encompass key wireless communication protocols essential for IoT applications, like BLE, Zigbee, and Thread, enhancing short-range wireless connectivity. Moreover, it steps into the realm of long-range IoT applications with Wi-Fi HaLow, boasting widespread coverage, deep penetration, and robust connection capacities for a multitude of devices.

Recognizing the critical role of backhaul transmission in network infrastructure, the EAP112 additionally embraces LTE-A and CBRS frequencies, as well as traditional wired Ethernet. In specific scenarios, the Wi-Fi Halow technology facilitated by the EAP112 also doubles as a backhaul network solution.

Viewed through the lens of wireless technology, the EAP112 embodies a six-in-one wireless IoT solution, merging Wi-Fi, BLE, Zigbee, Thread, Wi-Fi Halow, and LTE (including Band48 CBRS support) into a unified platform. Through this highly complementary tech integration, the EAP112 is poised to empower a diverse array of users with the perfect toolkit for developing innovative IoT applications tailored to their unique needs.

The versatility of the EAP112 is evident as it transcends traditional categorizations. While some view it as an Access Point due to its Wi-Fi 6 support, others see it as an IoT gateway facilitating interoperability with numerous major brand IoT devices. Moreover, its LTE and CBRS communication capabilities position it as a vital CPE device for telecom operators to deliver diverse application services to end-users.

EAP112 support for multiple communication technologies caters to a variety of application needs, allowing for flexible network construction in diverse environments. Hence, the true potential of the EAP112 lies not in categorizing it into a specific type of device but in recognizing its capacity to address network deployment challenges across various application scenarios.


Solving IoT Deployment Challenges with the EAP112

In the realm of IoT, where the goal is to enable seamless interconnectivity and interaction across all devices, relying solely on a single technology is unlikely to meet the complex demands of real-world IoT scenarios. The reason is that deploying networks in the actual environment involves navigating a myriad of factors. These include transmission distance, signal penetration, the layout of terrain and buildings, weather conditions, temperature, and even air quality, among others. Such factors can complicate network deployment, potentially increasing costs and posing challenges to the stable operation of application services.

Beyond offering optimized complementary support for IoT deployment through its six wireless communication technologies, the EAP112 goes a step further in its design specifications to address the necessity of reducing complexity and costs in network setup. It provides specifications that boast high resilience to environmental conditions and flexibility in installation.

The EAP112 is designed to function in extreme conditions, from bitter colds of -30°C  to scorching highs of 50°C. It also supports an IP65 rating for water and dust resistance, ensuring stable operation in rainy or high-humidity outdoor environments, as well as dusty industrial sites.

With consideration for the varied installation requirements in different environments, the EAP112 thoughtfully offers a diverse range of mounting options. These include wall, ceiling, T-bar, and pole mounts, providing customers with an abundance of choices and flexibility for real-world network deployment.

Using the application scenario of smart agriculture as an example, we can more clearly see the significant benefits that the EAP112 can bring to such innovative applications. Consider the scenario of smart agriculture: vast farmlands necessitate deploying numerous sensors and cameras for monitoring and management. These devices act on various factors, such as weather conditions, soil health, or even the presence of insects and wild animals, to implement necessary interventions. Additionally, on these expansive agricultural landscapes, there’s a need for unmanned ground vehicles to carry out tasks like plowing, harvesting, and weeding, or for drones to spray pesticides and perform remote surveillance.

In such smart agriculture applications, while short-range wireless technology is needed for sensor connectivity, there is also a requirement for network transmission over several hundred meters, or even kilometers, for activities like live panoramic video streaming. Outdoor environments present their own challenges with fluctuating weather conditions—rain, wind, scorching heat, or freezing temperatures—all of which can impact the stability of network operations. Therefore, network equipment must be reliable and capable of functioning normally across a spectrum of extreme climatic conditions.

With its array of functionalities and thoughtful design, the EAP112 is aptly suited to perfectly fulfill the networking requirements essential for smart agriculture applications. It not only supports an array of communication technologies such as BLE and Zigbee but also embraces the widely endorsed IoT protocol Matter, serving effectively as a Matter IoT router. Addressing the long-range transmission demands characteristic of sprawling agricultural fields, particularly for real-time video from cameras, the EAP112’s provision of Wi-Fi HaLow technology stretches connectivity over hundreds of meters, even exceeding a kilometer when necessary. The device’s resilient build, capable of withstanding extreme cold and heat, its waterproof and dustproof qualities, and a variety of installation options, ensure that the EAP112 meets the fluctuating environmental conditions of smart farming with reliability.


Comprehensive Software and Application Integration

Edgecore Wi-Fi has gone above and beyond in harmonizing hardware capabilities with software functionalities, thereby ensuring that the EAP112 shines not only in terms of raw performance but also in the realm of software innovation and integration with external application services. This strategic amalgamation propels the EAP112 from being merely a piece of technology to a cornerstone of comprehensive IoT solutions.

One of the standout features of the EAP112 is its native support for MQTT, a pivotal messaging protocol in the IoT world, embedded directly within its built-in Agent. This integration paves the way for a seamless connection with MQTT Servers, opening up avenues for data captured by the EAP112 to be effortlessly merged with pre-existing application services. This feature is a game-changer for businesses that have ventured into IoT, offering them a significant edge. By enabling quick and smooth integration, the EAP112 acts as a catalyst, fortifying their IoT applications and driving forward their innovation journey.

This enhanced interoperability, coupled with the EAP112’s robust design, signifies a leap forward in addressing and simplifying the complex needs of modern IoT ecosystems. Through the EAP112, Edgecore Wi-Fi not only delivers a product but offers a gateway to unlocking greater efficiencies, fostering growth, and catalyzing the transformative power of IoT across industries.

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