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Publish | 2023-10-12

Mastering Secure Connectivity with Edgecore Wi-Fi’s Authentication Solutions

In our rapidly evolving digital landscape, the need for advanced authentication management mechanisms is more pressing than ever. Catering to this demand, Edgecore Wi-Fi introduces various tools tailor-made for various application scenarios. These solutions equip IT professionals with the flexibility to seamlessly implement and refine authentication management, elevating the entire network activity management process.

Past insights from Edgecore Wi-Fi’s Blog articles have touched upon functionalities such as the Dynamic PSK and AuthPort Add-on application. This piece dives deeper into four other crucial authentication management features. These range from those compatible with ecCLOUDDynamic Authorization + RADIUS, Dynamic VLAN + RADIUS, ACL + RADIUS, to the feature embedded within the EWS series Gateway ControllerLDAP + Office365 + NT Domain Authentication.


Optimized Authentication for Diverse Applications:

For every network administrator, managing network login permissions and scrutinizing network login activities are essential tasks. It’s vital to accurately track all network activities, establish a robust security barrier, proactively block unidentified threats, and log all network undertakings. Precise network activity logging is pivotal to enhance overall operational efficiency. Administrators can fine-tune resource allocation with effective policy management directives, spanning SSID setups, bandwidth management, and diverse space access authorizations.

Edgecore Wi-Fi’s multifaceted features are invaluable tools for network managers, enabling streamlined and efficient configurations.


RADIUS Server Integration:

The integration between Edgecore Wi-Fi and the RADIUS server offers numerous capabilities, including DAE (Dynamic Authorization Extension), Dynamic VLAN + RADIUS, and ACL + RADIUS.


DAE (Dynamic Authorization Extension):

DAE offers an API tool for ISPs, MSPs, and those providing Wi-Fi as a Service. The COA (Change of Authority) and DM (Disconnect Message) functions are crucial here. Service Providers, especially those offering Wi-Fi As A Service (WAAS), will find this feature invaluable. It’s useful for captive portal management and for ensuring a user doesn’t exceed their allotted time, which might incur additional data charges.

When consumers use a service provider’s portal service or app to access the network, the DM can disconnect the user once their allowed usage time has expired. Additionally, DAE can offer a “Redeem” functionality, akin to a data bundle concept, governing policies for accessing different websites and application services.

For service providers, DAE provides a standardized interface for integrating with their proprietary captive portals or apps. This facilitates all ISPs and MSPs to swiftly integrate using Edgecore Wi-Fi’s features, delivering network services via Edgecore Wi-Fi access points. As this is a standardized interface, it’s universally applicable across all services.


Dynamic VLAN + RADIUS:

Conventionally, in Wi-Fi networks without Dynamic VLAN + RADIUS, each SSID is linked to a specific VLAN port. By activating this feature, network administrators can classify users under a single SSID based on data from the RADIUS Server. This ensures that while users perceive a connection to a single SSID, they’re connecting to different VLAN ports, each needing unique login credentials.

In many current Wi-Fi network environments, administrators set up different SSIDs to cater to various departments or users, such as Edgecore Wi-Fi-Sales or Edgecore Wi-Fi-Guest. This method increases network management complexity and can be inconvenient in practice. However, by incorporating Dynamic VLAN+RADIUS, users within the same SSID can be classified. By reading user group data from the RADIUS Server, users are automatically directed to different VLAN ports.

For network administrators, this approach significantly streamlines the setup of Wi-Fi network login credentials and enhances network security.


ACL (Access Control List) + RADIUS:

With the rising influx of IoT devices, integrating ACL + RADIUS is essential. This system facilitates authentication via MAC addresses, ensuring IoT devices, even those not compliant with traditional authentication protocols like WPA, can access Wi-Fi networks seamlessly.

This need arises from the continuous increase in IoT devices and the fact that many have yet to adopt current security authentication encryption technologies. As a result, many network administrators, either out of necessity or for convenience, set IoT-specific Wi-Fi SSIDs to allow password-free connections, creating security vulnerabilities.

However, by integrating ACL with RADIUS, IoT device MAC addresses inputted into the RADIUS Server can be used for authentication. When an IoT device connects to an AP, its MAC address is checked against an approved list. If it matches, the device is authenticated, effectively addressing IoT device authentication challenges in Wi-Fi networks.


The EWS Gateway Controller Integration:

The EWS series Gateway Controller, fortified with LDAP + Office365 + NT Domain authentication, enables network administrators to use EWS as their primary hub for authentication logs and network activity documentation.

With modern authentication methods, users can connect to the company network using AD corporate credentials, Office 365, or NT Domain. This ensures all login activities are recorded and monitored. Within the company’s network, traffic traverses a Gateway, which serves as a control juncture.

By leveraging the EWS controller, it replaces traditional Gateways and AAA authentication mechanisms. With just the EWS, this network login and activity management can be achieved seamlessly. Employee login data is stored locally, with EWS querying the AD for authentication. For Office 365 users, authentication is processed in the cloud.

Ensure that the network login and monitoring processes run smoothly and securely with Edgecore Wi-Fi’s advanced authentication methods.

In this age of ever-expanding digital connectivity, the paramount importance of robust network authentication cannot be overstated. Edgecore Wi-Fi, with its state-of-the-art features and integration capabilities, stands at the forefront of this revolution. Its commitment to optimizing authentication processes underscores its dedication to ensuring secure and efficient network operations. As digital landscapes continue to evolve, Edgecore Wi-Fi’s advanced authentication solutions are poised to be the benchmark for organizations aiming for top-tier network security and operational efficiency.


Secure Your Network’s Future with Edgecore Wi-Fi

Don’t leave your network’s security to chance. With the rise of digital threats and complex network landscapes, Edgecore Wi-Fi’s advanced authentication solutions are the key to a secure, efficient, and modern network infrastructure. Explore our range of features and integrate top-tier security into your network today.

Dive deeper, stay protected, and get ahead with Edgecore Wi-Fi.

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