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Publish | 2023-09-19

Experience Seamless Connectivity with AuthPort: Your Ultimate Gateway to AAA Solutions!

In today’s turbo-charged digital arena, serving up secure and glitch-free Wi-Fi isn’t a choice; it’s the secret handshake to the digital VIP club. Think of modern connectivity like a red-carpet event, and AuthPort is the snazzy tuxedo – it’s here to make an entrance. Seamlessly grooving with ecCLOUD, AuthPort brings you the full package: Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA) with a side of panache for your wireless network. Buckle up for a captivating journey to discover how AuthPort adds that touch of pizzazz to your connectivity experience.


Empower Your AAA Needs with AuthPort’s Upgrade


Edgecore Wi-Fi’s ecCLOUD Add-on Service: AuthPort

Introducing AuthPort, the innovative add-on application by Edgecore Wi-Fi’s ecCLOUD. Say goodbye to the complexities of radius servers and EAP-SIM configurations – AuthPort simplifies the setup of time-based billing for Wi-Fi connections.

This add-on service is tailor-made for Managed Service Providers (MSPs), Internet Service Providers (ISPs), and other businesses looking to offer Managed Wi-Fi across diverse industries. It empowers you to effortlessly deliver on-demand subscription-based value-added services.


The Benefits for Managed Wi-Fi Service Providers and IT Solution Distributors

For MSPs and ISPs offering managed Wi-Fi services, AuthPort, through ecCLOUD, provides dedicated time-based billing and metering Wi-Fi connectivity for commercial clients. It offers businesses not just network connectivity but also tools to expand their business opportunities. With an all-in-one service, it significantly reduces deployment time and eliminates the burden of purchasing additional hardware.

IT solution providers often need to integrate solutions from various brands to meet specific customer requirements. However, partnering with Edgecore and adopting ecCLOUD along with related add-ons simplifies the complexity of integrating multiple brand solutions. This results in a more straightforward and effective approach to meeting customer needs.

Imagine you’ve onboarded a chain of coffee shops as clients, and they have varying Wi-Fi billing needs in different locations. Setting up separate radius servers for each would be costly and time-consuming. But with AuthPort, you can swiftly respond to your clients’ needs. Activate on-demand subscription-based services tailored to each coffee shop’s requirements instantly. The provided Captive Portal Editor allows coffee shop owners to customize Wi-Fi service details in real-time, streamlining the onboarding process and adding a personal touch.


Take Control with Customized Captive Portals

AuthPort gives you the power to create bespoke captive portals that align with your organization’s unique vision. Our user-friendly captive portal editor makes designing captivating login interfaces a breeze. Drag-and-drop modules, tweak parameters, and create multiple engaging captive portals effortlessly. Your Wi-Fi network becomes an extension of your brand, ensuring a seamless, immersive user experience.


Precise Access Management with Service Plans

AuthPort’s standout feature is its ability to implement service plans based on time and data quotas. Define access rights to cater to users’ needs while optimizing network efficiency. Need to offer varying service levels to different user groups? AuthPort has you covered. Create service plans that allocate specific time and data quotas to each account, giving you the flexibility to meet diverse user demands.


Enhanced Security with Device Limitations

Security is paramount, and AuthPort offers a unique solution by allowing you to set device limitations. Specify the maximum number of devices that can connect simultaneously using the same account, preventing unauthorized sharing of login credentials. This granular control ensures network security while maximizing resource utilization.


Independent Captive Portals with Multiple SSID

ecCLOUD, in synergy with AuthPort, supports independent captive portal settings for each SSID. This means you can deliver a unique captive portal experience for different network segments, tailored to specific user groups or purposes. Whether it’s a guest network or an exclusive staff-only access point, create a captive portal that perfectly aligns with your objectives.


Seamless User Authentication with ecCLOUD

With AuthPort at your disposal, ecCLOUD transforms into an all-in-one AAA server for your wireless clients. This means users can effortlessly log in using various authentication methods, such as their social media accounts or email credentials. But it doesn’t stop there – AuthPort goes the extra mile by offering robust two-factor authentication integrated with Office 365. This added layer of security ensures top-notch protection for users who require it, all while simplifying the authentication process.



In a world where connectivity is paramount, AuthPort stands as your trusted ally, providing secure, tailored, and efficient Wi-Fi access. Elevate your network management, empower your users, and enhance your brand with AuthPort – the gateway to AAA solutions.

Are you ready to unlock the full potential of your network? Explore the possibilities with AuthPort today and embrace a new era of seamless connectivity.

Connect with us today to learn more about how AuthPort can revolutionize your Wi-Fi services.


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