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Publish | 2023-09-13

Cybersecurity Just Got Sexy: From Cyber Nightmares to Living the Spy Dream

Tired of playing cybersecurity whack-a-mole? Ready to trade in your digital woes for something a bit more… sophisticated? Welcome to the James Bond era of cybersecurity. Edgecore Networks and Wedge Networks have joined forces to bring you a cloud-managed security solution that’s as smooth as 007 himself. And the best part? This solution is compatible with multiple Edgecore Wi-Fi 6 models, transforming your Wi-Fi access points from mere connectivity providers to digital guardians of your network. Let’s explore why this is the game-changer you’ve been waiting for.


Meet the James Bond of Cybersecurity: WedgeCND™

Imagine a security system that’s always one step ahead, just like James Bond. WedgeCND™ doesn’t just react to threats; it anticipates them. It filters out the usual suspects — malware, ransomware, phishing schemes, and malicious websites — before they even get a chance to crash your digital party. Activate this add-on, and your network transforms into a high-security fortress, complete with its own secret agent on guard. With compatibility across multiple Edgecore Wi-Fi 6 models, your Access Points become more than just gateways to the internet; they become the doorways to future wireless innovations.


Save Money, Gain Peace: The ROI of Sleeping Well

Who says you can’t put a price on peace of mind? With Edgecore’s cloud-managed security, you get top-tier protection without burning a hole in your pocket. No need for extra hardware or a team of cybersecurity experts; this solution is cloud-based and budget-friendly.

Flexibility at Your Fingertips: Subscribe or Unsubscribe, You Decide!

Love being in control? With an on-demand subscription model, you can activate or deactivate your security features as you please. It’s like having a security guard who’s there when you need them and off-duty when you don’t.


Ready to Take Control of Your Cybersecurity? Don’t Wait! Click “HERE” to claim your 30-day free trial of WedgeCND™ now! 


The Brain Behind the Brawn: AI-Powered Security

This isn’t your grandpa’s security system. WedgeCND™ uses AI machine learning, behavior analysis, and big data to identify threats in real time. Think of it as having a Sherlock Holmes for your network but with the suave of James Bond.


Get the Full Scoop: Regular Cyber Threat Reports

Knowledge is power! With regular security reports sent straight to your inbox, you’ll be the most informed cybersecurity aficionado in the room. Know what threats were blocked and why, all at a glance.


Plug, Play, and Walk Away: It’s That Simple

No PhD in Cybersecurity is needed here. Activate the service on ecCLOUD, and you’re good to go. It’s so simple, even your grandma could do it.


No Hidden Fees: What You See is What You Get

Tired of hidden costs sneaking up on you? With Edgecore, there are no surprises. Use your existing access point, and let WedgeCND™ take care of the rest.


Take the Leap: Try WedgeCND™ Now and Elevate Your Cybersecurity Game

Still on the fence? Here’s an irresistible offer to get you off it: For a limited time, we’re offering a free 30-day trial of the WedgeCND™ security add-on. Experience firsthand the James Bond level of cybersecurity sophistication and make an informed decision for your network’s future. Trust us, once you’ve tasted this level of security, there’s no going back.

To claim your free trial and join the ranks of the cybersecurity elite, shoot an email to ecwifi-info@edge-core.com. Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity to turn your Wi-Fi Access Points into digital fortresses. Your network deserves the best, and the best is just an email away.


Conclusion: The Future of Cybersecurity is Here, and It’s Awesome!

Edgecore’s cloud-managed security solution is like the Swiss Army knife of cybersecurity — versatile, reliable, and incredibly useful. So why wait? Make the switch and join the cybersecurity revolution!

For more information or to get your hands on this game-changing solution, shoot an email to ecwifi-info@edge-core.com.

Don’t just take our word for it; industry professionals who’ve experienced the benefits firsthand are raving about Edgecore’s cloud-managed security. It’s time to level up your cybersecurity game, Bond-style! So, what are you waiting for? Take the leap and become the James Bond of cybersecurity today!




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