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Publish | 2023-09-25

Address Issues, Overcoming Problems Swiftly – Edgecore Wi-Fi AIOps Solution


Imagine living in a world where your Wi-Fi understands you, where dropouts and lags are tales of the past. As we navigate the dynamic landscape of cloud technologies, Wi-Fi management is undergoing a revolutionary transformation. While cloud controllers have made configuring networks seem like a walk in the park, the real challenge arises when innumerable devices connect, each vying for flawless connectivity. Dive with us into the future of Wi-Fi management and discover how Edgecore’s AIOps solution is shaping this new dawn.


Understanding the Challenge:

Picture this scenario – when users complain about a poor network experience, IT teams check if the network configurations and connections are running smoothly. Users often report issues like reduced data transmission or sudden disconnections even if everything seems in place. One of the biggest challenges for IT teams is to decipher what a “network issue” means from a user’s perspective, as these issues can be elusive and might require on-site tests to replicate and understand. This disconnect can leave both end-users and IT teams feeling isolated.


Stats Spotlight:

Research suggests that IT teams spend an average of 6 hours gathering data and testing potential causes when user complaints arise. This workload increases with the scale of the network and the number of devices, potentially compromising the overall quality of network service.


The Game-Changer – Edgecore Wi-Fi AIOps Solution:

Built on the ecCLOUD Controller platform, the Edgecore added value service Aprecomm VWE allows Edgecore Wi-Fi product users to integrate AIOps into their networks. Thanks to its AI algorithms, it can pinpoint network issues across various networks, sites, Access Points (APs), and even individual devices. Its in-built AI engine also automates settings adjustments to address these issues, enhancing the overall user experience.

Learn More Here: https://wifi.edge-core.com/wifi_aiops_services/


Real-World Applications:

Consider a Managed Service Provider (MSP) operating multiple networks. They can view the status of each site, AP, and client, including current issues and the number of affected APs and clients. VWE provides insights into connectivity, performance, roaming, and stability, highlighting problematic APs and affected devices. If a site has poor roaming performance, VWE pinpoints the causes, such as inadequate network coverage or multiple devices sticking to a single AP, known as “Sticky Clients”. IT personnel can then identify the root cause of these anomalies and optimize performance.


The Benefits at a Glance:

  • Efficiency in Time: Consider the time previously spent on tech support calls. Integration with VWE reduces this by an average of 50%.
  • First-call Resolution: Pre-VWE, one might ask – how many users got a satisfactory solution on their first call? With VWE integration, the percentage of user issues resolved on the first interaction has seen a 35% increase.
  • Operational Efficiency: A staggering 60% reduction in truck rolls, reflecting enhanced operational efficiency.
  • User Retention: Beyond the evident time and cost savings, increased user satisfaction post-VWE integration has led to a 10% reduction in user churn rates for MSPs and ISPs.


What Makes Edgecore’s Wi-Fi AIOps Solution Stand Out?

  • One Click Root Cause Analysis
  • Actionable Insights
  • Real-time Corrections
  • QoE Measurement



Embracing AIOps is not just a trend; it’s a necessity. As the world grows increasingly interconnected with IoT devices, ensuring the stability and quality of networks becomes paramount. Edgecore’s Wi-Fi AIOps solution, paired with Aprecomm’s expertise, is setting a new standard for network management. It’s about solving current challenges and gearing up for the future.


Join the Future of Wi-Fi Management:

Edgecore Wi-Fi AIOps solution offers all Edgecore Wi-Fi 6 AP users a rapid way to elevate their network operational performance. And we are offering an attractive free trial and promotion program for you. Want to leap into the future of Wi-Fi management?   Reach out now! –> HERE

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