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Publish | 2023-10-16

Riding the OpenWiFi Wave: How 2021’s Whisper Became 2023’s Roar and What Lies Ahead

As the most active participant in OpenWiFi, Edgecore Wi-Fi is deeply involved in collaborative development within the tech community. By partnering with the OpenWiFi community worldwide, Edgecore is turning the OpenWiFi vision into a tangible reality. Over the past two years, Edgecore has executed numerous OpenWiFi POCs (Proof of concept) across the globe, transitioning the technology from a mere concept to broad commercial deployments. These efforts have led to the implementation of Edgecore OpenWiFi solutions in MDU, dormitories across, hotels, and various cities worldwide, delivering fast and efficient wireless connectivity to tens of thousands.

In 2021, the Telecom Infra Project (TIP) unveiled OpenWiFi to the world. This innovation swiftly caught the attention of service providers, OEMs, ODMs, and application developers, who saw in it the potential to revolutionize the traditionally closed Wi-Fi ecosystem. The promise of OpenWiFi’s transformative capabilities spurred a diverse range of users to engage actively in POC testing.

At the beginning of 2022, we identified OpenWiFi’s burgeoning potential as it stood on the cusp of a significant breakthrough. Throughout the past year, the market’s increasing support for OpenWiFi has been palpable. We’ve been approached by a diverse set of stakeholders from different regions and industries, all eager to integrate OpenWiFi into their current infrastructures. Moreover, many of these users, post their successful POCs, are now poised for large-scale deployments.

Wi-Fi technology boasts unparalleled global device penetration, ranging from personal gadgets to IoT devices. It sets a robust foundation that other technologies find challenging to immediately surpass. OpenWiFi, emphasizing open-source technology and application, seeks to unlock Wi-Fi’s full potential, which has often been restricted by brand-specific devices. This direction eradicates vendor lock-ins, empowering telecom providers, ISPs, and MSPs to capitalize on the vast array of Wi-Fi devices. By adopting an open network architecture, they can pioneer more cost-effective and diverse service models.

From our extensive POC undertakings over the last two years, we’ve selected six representative cases to showcase. These cases provide a glimpse into the practical applications of OpenWiFi, elucidating the myriad benefits and requirements of integrating it into diverse scenarios. Our aim is to accelerate comprehension of how OpenWiFi can redefine the Wi-Fi landscape, catalyzing its faster adoption.

Examining the progression of these six cases, one can observe OpenWiFi’s trajectory from experimental endeavors to scalable, commercial ventures. This evolution accentuates the tangible economic and productivity benefits stemming from such a shift.


Pioneering Campus Deployments: Edgecore Wi-Fi’s OpenWiFi Revolution (2021-2022)


  • Lighting Up Taiwan: OpenWiFi’s Leap into the Academic Sphere at NYCU


Quick Facts:

  • Application Scenario: Education/University Campus Network
  • OpenWiFi AP Model: EAP101
  • Cloud Controller: CloudSDK Controller
  • Location: Hsinchu City, Taiwan
  • Key Collaborator: National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University (NYCU)


Deployment Highlights:

In a groundbreaking 2021 initiative, Edgecore Wi-Fi teamed up with National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University to launch Taiwan’s premier campus OpenWiFi network.

The Hsinchu-based campus was enhanced with dozens of cutting-edge Wi-Fi 6 OpenWiFi access points, offering students seamless wireless connectivity.

This collaboration didn’t just stop at connectivity. Edgecore Wi-Fi and the university’s visionary professors co-created an OpenWiFi network development sandbox. Graduate students now harness this platform to innovate, using OpenAPI to craft application services, laying the groundwork for OpenWiFi’s vibrant future.

Reference: https://wifi.edge-core.com/news/press-release/wi-fi-vendor-edgecore-takes-aim-at-big-asian-carriers-with-tip-openwifi-solutions/


  • WE-CAN Project: A Wireless Renaissance across Indian Campuses


Quick Facts:

  • Application Scenario: Education/University Campus Network
  • OpenWiFi AP Model: EAP101
  • Cloud Controller: CloudSDK Controller
  • Location: India
  • Driving Force: Candela Technology


Deployment Highlights:

2022 saw a dynamic collaboration between Candela Technologies and Edgecore Wi-Fi, culminating in the ambitious WE-CAN (Wireless Education Campus Area Network) project. The mission? Embed over a hundred Edgecore EAP101 OpenWiFi access points across India’s diverse college landscapes.

A landmark trial was conducted at Gayatri Vidya Parishad College of Engineering. Over 400 students were immersed in hands-on tasks: from access point setups to rigorous network tests.

The test zone? A sprawling 27,000 sq ft of the engineering edifice, bustling with over 400 smartphones. Despite the digital cacophony, the state-of-the-art EAP101 APs, powered by Wi-Fi 6 tech, delivered uninterrupted video streaming for all. Not a single hiccup in over two hours!

In Retrospect: The WE-CAN project didn’t just bring OpenWiFi to myriad Indian campuses. Through dense user scenarios, it validated OpenWiFi’s prowess in offering high-speed, unwavering internet services in bustling public arenas.

Reference: https://wifi.edge-core.com/news/case-study/openwifi/candela-technologies-carries-out-large-scale-campus-network-testing-with-edgecore-tip-openwifi-eap101/


Looking Ahead:

Edgecore Wi-Fi remains at the forefront, relentlessly pushing the boundaries of OpenWiFi technology. As campuses worldwide embrace this digital transformation, we’re excited for what the future holds. Join us on this exhilarating journey towards a connected tomorrow!


Public Wi-Fi/City Wi-Fi Breakthroughs: 2022-2023


  • Igniting Innovation Spark in Africa: The Launch of Commercial Outdoor OpenWiFi


Quick Facts:

  • Application Scenario: Public Wi-Fi with Advertising-based platform
  • OpenWiFi AP Model: EAP101
  • Cloud Controller: Wavespot
  • Location: Kenya
  • Key Collaborators: ThinkWiFi (WISP), Mawingu (ISP)


Milestones & Details:

Pioneering Effort: 2023 heralded a transformative partnership between Edgecore Wi-Fi, ThinkWiFi, and Mawingu, resulting in Kenya’s inaugural OpenWiFi Network. This initiative is emblematic of a broader vision to amplify Africa’s digital pulse.

Beyond Connectivity: This venture doesn’t solely offer internet access. It’s a springboard for innovation, narrowing the digital chasm, and spurring avant-garde applications.

Ad-Driven Model: For the first time, an OpenWiFi network is monetized through an advertising platform, granting free internet to Kenya’s denizens.

Collaborative Synergy: ThinkWiFi, backed by Mawingu and TIP OpenWiFi, is set on a mission: universal internet access. As Janine Rebelo, ThinkWiFi’s CEO, articulates, “Our purpose-driven venture seeks to bridge the digital divide.” The collaboration is poised to redefine connectivity paradigms, backed by advertising revenue and delivering a threefold win for brands, consumers, and communities.

A Pan-African Vision: This Kenyan endeavor is the vanguard of a larger vision encompassing city centers, transport hubs, tourist spots, and malls, with sights set on other African nations and southern Europe.

Reference: https://telecominfraproject.com/thinkwifi-launches-first-commercial-outdoor-deployment-of-telecom-infra-project-openwifi-solution-in-kenya/


  • Dublin’s Digital Leap: The WiFi4EU OpenWiFi Initiative


Quick Facts:

  • Application Scenario: City Public Wi-Fi
  • OpenWiFi AP Model: EAP101
  • Cloud Controller: NetExperience
  • Location: Dublin, Ireland
  • Stalwarts: Dublin City Council, Virgin Media (ISP)


Milestones & Details:

A European Benchmark: The WiFi4EU initiative, in collaboration with Dublin City Council and Virgin Media, is setting new standards for public Wi-Fi in Europe. This endeavor aligns with Europe’s objective of universal, high-quality Wi-Fi in public spaces.

Tech Specs: Dublin’s trial relies on a medley of tech solutions, from Edgecore’s EAP101 access points to NetExperience’s controller. Edgecore’s EAP101, equipped with quad-core ARM Cortex-A53, manages up to 1000 users simultaneously, making it ideal for public scenarios like WiFi4EU.

A Seamless Experience: Edgecore Wi-Fi EAP101’s support for OpenRoaming ensures users enjoy hassle-free connectivity without recurrent logins, streamlining mobile offloads and wireless convergence.

Reference: https://wballiance.com/dublin-city-and-virgin-media-to-field-trial-a-wifi4eu-compliant-network-utilizing-telecom-infra-project-openwifi-solution/


  • Pakistan’s New Frontier: Charting the OpenWiFi Revolution


Quick Facts:

  • Application Scenario: Public Wi-Fi
  • OpenWiFi AP Model: EAP101
  • Cloud Controller: ecOpen
  • Location: Pakistan
  • Driving Forces: Multinet (ISP), STARCOM (SI)


Milestones & Details:

A National Endeavor: Multinet’s OpenWiFi deployment seeks to redefine Pakistan’s digital landscape. From public spaces and airports to hospitals and business districts, Multinet’s OPTIFY initiative is set to bring free public Wi-Fi to Pakistan’s diverse locales.

Tech Synergy: STARCOM, as Multinet’s tech partner, brings Edgecore Wi-Fi’s prowess to the table, integrated with their ecOpen Cloud Controller.

A Vision for Tomorrow: This OpenWiFi endeavor stands as a testament to Multinet’s commitment to fortifying Pakistan’s digital infrastructural backbone.

Reference: https://teletimesinternational.com/2023/starcom-announces-first-open-wi-fi-project-with-multinet-for-their-optify-network-for-public-wi-fi/


In Retrospect:

From the African plains to the bustling streets of Dublin and the diverse landscapes of Pakistan, OpenWiFi is reshaping global digital narratives. These projects, each unique, underscore a shared vision: a connected, inclusive future for all.


Homes & Havens: The OpenWiFi Surge in MDU and Hospitality (From 2023 onward)


  • Ronald McDonald House Charities: A Heartwarming OpenWiFi Connection in Greater Charlotte


Quick Facts:

  • Application Scenario: MDU, Hospitality
  • OpenWiFi AP Model: EAP104
  • Cloud Controller: NetExperience
  • Location: North Carolina, USA
  • Driving Force: Single Digits (MSP)


Project Highlights:

Purposeful Collaboration: Edgecore Wi-Fi, in a harmonious partnership with Single Digits, NetExperience, and TIP, brought OpenWiFi to the Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) site in Greater Charlotte.

Mission Beyond Connectivity: RMHC has a noble objective: providing shelter and essential resources to families of ailing children during their most challenging times. Through this project, Edgecore Wi-Fi and NetExperience joined hands with Single Digits to ensure these families remain digitally connected, facilitating communication with their dear ones and accessing critical information.

Community-Driven Architecture: Leveraging the power of OpenWiFi and integrating it with Single Digits’ The Connected Life Platform™, the outcome was more than just a network. It became a beacon of hope and connectivity, enabling families to bridge the gap with the external world while relying on the invaluable support of RMHC.

In Retrospect: Such MDU applications, exemplified in the RMHC deployment, showcase how technology can play a pivotal role in enhancing residents’ welfare, creating a genuine impact. Throughout 2023, Edgecore noticed a growing trend: an increasing demand from diverse sectors like MDUs, student accommodations, senior living apartments, and hospitality. As real estate magnates dive deeper into property technology trends, OpenWiFi consistently emerges as a central player, illustrating its indispensable role in the future of connectivity.

Reference: https://www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2023/09/19/2745674/0/en/Single-Digits-and-OpenWiFi-partner-to-deploy-seamless-Wi-Fi-connectivity-at-Ronald-McDonald-House-Charities-of-Greater-Charlotte.html


Final Thoughts – Edgecore Wi-Fi & OpenWiFi: Reinventing Wireless Connectivity

In just three years, Edgecore Wi-Fi and TIP have revolutionized Wi-Fi solutions. Gone are the days of being tied to a single brand. With OpenWiFi, we’ve introduced a world of choices, from cloud controllers to switches. Our “Multi-vendor, Multi-choice” approach means better efficiency and cost savings, especially for Managed Wi-Fi providers. The result? Higher ROI and boosted profits.

What’s in our arsenal? Cutting-edge OpenWiFi Wi-Fi 6 access points for every setting, versatile OpenLAN Switches, and partnerships with top-tier CloudSDK vendors. Couple this with our innovative collaborations and the result is a world-class OpenWiFi ecosystem that’s been tested and proven in cities and specialized facilities globally.

Why OpenWiFi? It’s adaptable, powerful, and cost-effective. It paves the way for ISPs and MSPs to craft the future of connectivity, offering seamless connections, fostering new innovations, and bringing tangible user benefits.

Curious about OpenWiFi’s real-world applications or wondering how to get started? Dive in with Edgecore Wi-Fi. We’re here to guide you every step of the way.

🔗 https://wifi.edge-core.com/contact/

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