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Publish | 2023-10-24

From Wi-Fi Signals to Human Stories: The Data-Driven Revolution

With more than 10 billion devices connected globally to Wi-Fi, it is now possible to map the real-world movement patterns of these devices in the virtual world. By combining these data points, we can create a blueprint of the daily operations in the physical world.

The activity traces of each Wi-Fi device can be used to track individuals and their behavior. For example, a device’s activity may indicate a loyal customer who visits a coffee shop every morning at 7 AM or a shopper who frequently visits the sports section of a department store every quarter. Similarly, the activity of a device can help track the movement of visitors in a factory complex or a patient in a hospital.

From a spatial perspective, Wi-Fi device records can be used to identify specific areas, locations, and spaces. This information helps to identify peak periods of human traffic, the direction of movement, areas with significant gatherings, and whether any areas exceed set occupancy limits.

Through these Wi-Fi device traces, we gain not only an understanding of daily routines but also the ability to detect anomalies and evaluate the efficiency and inefficiency of spatial usage. We can use this data to propose data-driven solutions to address issues and enhance efficiency.

This is what Edgecore Wi-Fi’s Smart Indoor Location is all about—a simple yet powerful approach to managing complex challenges. Leveraging real-time Wi-Fi positioning in physical environments, we use the location in the physical environment as an identifier for unknown entities on the network. This innovation opens the door for Wi-Fi network providers to develop exciting new applications and services.

While indoor location-based services are not a new concept, many existing solutions require additional tags and specialized  readers to record so-called “trajectory data.” However, Edgecore Wi-Fi’s Smart Indoor Location eliminates the need for expensive tags and extra sensors. It relies solely on Wi-Fi access points and Wi-Fi-enabled devices like smartphones, making it instantly accessible.

Edgecore Wi-Fi believes that Wi-Fi networks have the potential to go beyond providing internet connectivity and offer innovative applications, enhance space utilization efficiency, and improve user experiences.

Whether you’re an office/factory manager, property owner, or venue administrator, Edgecore Wi-Fi’s Smart Indoor Location promises disruptive convenience and innovative value for your Wi-Fi network.


Now, let’s explore the key features and advantages of Edgecore Wi-Fi Smart Indoor Location:

Key Features:

  • Edgecore Wi-Fi’s solution eliminates the need for expensive additional sensors and tags by utilizing Wi-Fi signals and Wi-Fi-enabled devices, such as smartphones, for seamless space management.
  • Users can effortlessly activate Smart Indoor Location through the ecCLOUD platform, granting instant access. This solution provides cloud-based management tools that empower users to remotely configure, oversee, and monitor their venue in real-time, from anywhere, at any time.
  • It offers a rapid search function, intelligent configuration options, and an anomaly alert system, facilitating the handling of various scenarios with ease.
  • Automatic logging of entry/exit data, headcount fluctuations, and flow patterns contributes to a comprehensive understanding of your spaces.
  • Real-time dynamic floor plans keep you well-informed about critical data within your spaces.
  • Detection of personnel and device locations, coupled with integration with internal tools, offers additional management capabilities.
  • Continuous data collection, immediate tagging, and the establishment of a substantial data repository aid in enhanced space analysis and optimization.


Feature Highlights:

  • Access Control: Edgecore Wi-Fi provides an instant list of individuals entering and exiting, granting control over access to your premises.
  • Property Management: Efficiently managing various property types, including factory complexes, hospitals, shopping malls, and dormitories. Track the activities of visitors and residents, ensuring safety and operational efficiency.
  • People Flow Analysis: Gain insights into people’s movement patterns within your space, enabling optimized layouts. Identify high-traffic areas and movement patterns for enhanced space utilization.
  • Counting Evacuation Headcounts: Allow for an accurate assessment of the number of individuals safely evacuated during emergencies.


Future Unleashed: Applications of Edgecore Wi-Fi

Now, let’s explore the applications of Edgecore Wi-Fi’s Smart Indoor Location in various sectors:

Enterprise Factory Complexes:

  • Instant listing of entering and exiting personnel.
  • Monitoring the status of personnel in various zones.
  • Identifying areas with the highest concentration of personnel.
  • Tracking footprints and pathways of visiting guests.
  • Analyzing changes in people flow.


Public Places:

  • Monitoring high-traffic areas.
  • Ensuring the safety and evacuation of individuals.
  • Tracking the movement patterns of people.



  • Rapid evacuation headcounts.
  • Tracking the location history of disconnected patients.
  • Analyzing people flow patterns within the hospital.


Shopping Malls:

  • Monitoring shopper movement.
  • Identifying popular areas.
  • Providing a secure shopping environment.



  • Tracking the number of entries and exits.
  • Providing alerts for unusual access.
  • Conducting emergency evacuation headcounts.


Multi-Unit Dwellings/Service Apartments – User Benefits:

Household Residents:

  • Real-time awareness of tenant entries and exits for safety.
  • Monitoring the activities of family members residing separately.
  • Keeping track of when children return home.
  • Providing remote care for elderly family members.
  • Ensuring the safety of family members working or studying abroad.
  • Empowering elderly residents in service apartments to live independently with remote care.



  • Mutual safety reporting within groups.
  • Creating watchful groups for singles and elderly residents.
  • Landlords keep tabs on tenant entries and exits.


Application Features:

  • Immediate display of each family member’s presence or absence.
  • Identification of abnormal situations based on the movement of family members between different access points at home.
  • Remote concern for the well-being of elderly residents.
  • Eliminating concerns about forgetting to check-in.
  • Real-time monitoring of tenant entries and exits.
  • Concern for the well-being of elderly residents in service apartments.
  • Remote monitoring of daily activities regardless of location.


As we explore Edgecore Wi-Fi’s Smart Indoor Location, we embark on a journey filled with limitless possibilities. This comprehensive solution represents more than just a revolution in space management; it signifies a novel approach to looking after our loved ones, communities, and overall safety.

Edgecore Wi-Fi’s groundbreaking Smart Indoor Location technology empowers us to comprehend human activities across various settings, whether within enterprise factory complexes, public areas, hospitals, shopping malls, dormitories, or multi-unit dwellings/service apartments. This technology not only enhances operational efficiency and security for managers but also fosters a greater sense of care among family members, neighbors, and landlords, ultimately ensuring a higher quality of life.


Are you ready to unlock the future of space management with Edgecore Wi-Fi’s Smart Indoor Location?

Contact us today to delve deeper into this innovative solution and take the initial step toward a smarter, safer, and more interconnected world. Let’s Talk Now!

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