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Publish | 2024-05-16

Edgecore Wi-Fi OLS+SONiC: The Open Networking Powerhouse

For those of us who have long followed the development of open networking technologies, we’ve been waiting for a company to truly break the mold of closed ecosystems and bring revolutionary breakthroughs to the open networking space. Now, that anticipation has finally been realized with Edgecore Wi-Fi and PLVision.

Edgecore Wi-Fi has established itself as a leader in the open networking movement. Since 2023, it has been rolling out the OLS (OpenLAN Switching) series, which not only offers exceptional performance and innovative hardware design but also provides the most diverse range of OLS switch products on the market. Edgecore Wi-Fi is leading the way by integrating the open-source network operating system SONiC into its enterprise-grade switch product line in collaboration with PLVision.

What does this groundbreaking open networking solution mean? It means that network operators, such as ISPs and MSPs, as well as enterprise users, can finally embrace the advantages of open network architecture — breaking free from vendor lock-in and enjoying the absolute freedom to choose their hardware. The days of restrictive vendor ecosystems are over; the future of network construction is more cost-effective and flexible.

Edgecore Wi-Fi’s OLS series solution is not just about disruptive innovation; it also excels technically. At the forefront of the OLS series is Edgecore Wi-Fi’s flagship L3 switch solution – the ECS4650 series, an outstanding set of hardware products. The two models, ECS4650-54T and ECS4650-54P, are tailored for high-speed access and PoE++ power scenarios, respectively. They offers 25Gbps high-speed Uplink capabilities, meeting enterprises’ high bandwidth demands, while provides stable power to wireless access points, IP cameras, and other devices, greatly enhancing network deployment flexibility. Additionally, The 6kV surge protection design ensures reliable operation in harsh environments, safeguarding network connections. These impressive hardware features make the ECS4650 a popular choice for open network deployments.

Truly impressive is how Edgecore Wi-Fi, in collaboration with PLVision, has seamlessly integrated the SONiC Lite software platform into the ECS4650 series. SONiC Lite, derived from the SONiC Community, retains its rich routing, switching, and security features while requiring fewer CPU, RAM, and storage resources. This efficiency makes it ideal for deployment on cost-effective hardware.

Even more remarkable, PLVision provides pre-loaded standardized SONiC Lite images for the ECS4650 series, significantly simplifying the deployment process. By using these ready-to-go switches, ISPs, MSPs, and enterprises can effortlessly enjoy the benefits of open networking, including zero-touch provisioning (ZTP) and enhanced security.

Furthermore, the partnership between Edgecore Wi-Fi and PLVision will expand the hardware compatibility list for SONiC Lite. In the future, more Edgecore Wi-Fi products will support the SONiC Lite system, offering even more diverse options for open networking. This reflects Edgecore Wi-Fi’s long-standing commitment to the principle of “Your Network, Your Choice” fostering a robust and sustainable open networking ecosystem in collaboration with innovative technology partners.

In summary, the Edgecore Wi-Fi OLS series is undoubtedly a milestone in open networking technology. We have successfully bridged the gap between hardware and software, providing an integrated open networking solution. This solution is poised to become a favorite among MSPs, ISPs, and enterprise customers, fundamentally reshaping the future of network deployment. For advocates of open networking, Edgecore Wi-Fi is undoubtedly a source of pride. Let’s watch closely as open networking brings transformative changes to the network world!

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