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Publish | 2024-05-21

EAP105 Wi-Fi 7 AP: Robust Security and Quality of Service

The Edgecore EAP105 Wi-Fi 7 access point not only excels in hardware specifications but also provides robust security and quality of service (QoS). Whether deployed in offices, coffee shops, dormitories, schools, hospitality venues, or communities with Managed Wi-Fi services, the EAP105 enhances the user experience by providing both superior network performance and a sense of security.

For ISPs and MSPs constantly striving to offer the highest quality services to their customers, the EAP105 can be the perfect gateway to entering the Wi-Fi 7 era effortlessly and will undoubtedly make the customers fall in love with it. Still hesitating about Wi-Fi 7? The EAP105 will be your enlightening answer.


Unmatched Hardware and Security Features

The EAP105, apart from its excellent hardware specifications, provides several standout features in security and threat prevention, as well as QoS.

Let’s explore how these features translate into benefits in various application scenarios.



In enterprise settings, data security is paramount. The EAP105 supports the WPA3-Enterprise transition, providing superior encryption protection. With WPA2-Enterprise (AES) and WPA-Enterprise (AES) via RADIUS server authentication, only authorized users can access the network, preventing unauthorized access and safeguarding corporate confidential data. Additionally, the EAP105 features Layer 2 firewall capabilities, including DHCP Snooping and ARP Inspection, ensuring the security of DHCP and ARP protocols and preventing man-in-the-middle attacks. This means your network defends against external threats and protects the integrity of internal traffic.

In high-traffic office environments, network stability is critical. The EAP105’s RSSI Threshold feature automatically filters out devices with weak signals, ensuring that devices with stronger signals get prioritized service. Every user can enjoy stable network connections with reduced dropouts and delays, thus enhancing work efficiency.


Shared Apartments or University Dormitories

In shared living spaces like apartments or university dormitories, network security is equally crucial. The EAP105 provides a stable and secure network environment even in multi-user settings.

For students in university dorms, reliable and secure networks are essential for both academic pursuits and entertainment. Features like DHCP Snooping and ARP Inspection protect their network connections from rogue DHCP servers and ARP spoofing attacks. This ensures students can safely engage in online learning, participate in virtual classes, complete assignments, and enjoy recreational online activities without compromising their network security – ultimately enhancing their overall academic and residential experience.

In shared apartment complexes, residents require a secure network to protect their data and devices. The EAP105’s robust security features prevent unauthorized access and safeguard residents’ privacy. With a stable and secure Wi-Fi connection, residents can work remotely, stream entertainment, and connect smart home devices without concerns over compromised network integrity.


Chain Coffee Shops

n chain coffee shop environments, the security of public Wi-Fi networks is crucial. The EAP105 utilizes WPA2-Personal (AES) and WPA3-Personal (AES) encryption standards to protect customers’ online activities from eavesdropping and data theft, providing a secure browsing environment that enhances user satisfaction and trust.

During peak hours with many simultaneous Wi-Fi connections, the EAP105’s RSSI Threshold and Multicast-to-Unicast Conversion features ensure each customer enjoys a stable and efficient network service, optimizing their browsing experience, increasing dwell time, and boosting customer satisfaction.



In hotels, providing secure and reliable Wi-Fi is crucial for enhancing guest experience. The EAP105’s WPA3-Personal (AES) and WPA2-Personal (AES) encryption standards ensure that guests are not exposed to security threats while using the wireless network. DHCP Snooping and Dynamic ARP Inspection prevent man-in-the-middle attacks, ensuring the security of guest communications, thereby improving the hotel’s service quality and guest satisfaction.

High-quality network services are key to attracting and retaining guests. The EAP105’s RSSI Threshold and WME features ensure guests enjoy stable network services during their stay. Whether streaming media, video calling, or working, the EAP105 provides a smooth experience, enhancing the hotel’s service standards and guest satisfaction.



In educational institutions such as university campuses, the EAP105’s WME feature optimizes wireless multimedia applications, ensuring the smooth operation of high-demand applications such as online courses and virtual labs. Students and teachers can enjoy high-quality multimedia services even in high-load network environments, enhancing teaching effectiveness and learning experience.



Across a wide spectrum of settings – offices, homes, shared apartments, chain coffee shops, smart multi-dwelling units, hotels, and educational institutions – the Edgecore EAP105 Wi-Fi 7 access point excels in delivering both top-notch security and quality of service guarantees. Whether you’re seeking a robust Wi-Fi solution for business or personal use, the EAP105 is definitely worth considering for its reliable, secure, and high-performance capabilities.

With its advanced security features, including WPA3-Enterprise encryption and robust firewall capabilities, the EAP105 safeguards your network and data from unauthorized access and cyber threats. Simultaneously, its QoS assurances, such as RSSI Threshold and Multicast-to-Unicast Conversion, ensure a consistently smooth and efficient wireless experience, even in high-traffic scenarios.

If you’re looking for a future-proof access point that combines cutting-edge Wi-Fi 7 performance with enterprise-grade security and stability, the Edgecore Wi-Fi EAP105 is an excellent choice that delivers on all fronts.

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