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Publish | 2024-06-11

Building Up Your Smart Space with Smart Bricks

In today’s market, there is an array of “smart space” solutions designed to supercharge the intelligence of various environments by seamlessly integrating diverse technologies and applications. Imagine the possibilities: in urban areas, we’re talking smart streetlights, emergency notification systems, traffic monitoring and analysis, air quality sensors, and digital signage for public information and services. In buildings, it’s all about people flow management, fire detection, flood sensors, building automation, and video surveillance. In factories, the focus shifts to equipment monitoring and manufacturing data collection.

Meeting these diverse demands requires solutions that bring together multiple technologies. The real challenge for users? Figuring out how to quickly and flexibly integrate these technologies and applications. When new needs arise, users should be able to look at their existing investments, identify which technologies can be integrated with new functions, and craft a solution that addresses their latest requirements.

Sounds complicated? Not at all.

Think of it like building with Lego bricks. Each technology and application is a brick that can be combined in various ways to create specific functionalities. Even better, these solutions can be merged to address larger needs, achieving greater efficiency and scale.

Why the “Smart Brick” Concept Matters

This concept is universally appealing, but in practice, it can be tricky. Many providers, driven by commercial interests or technical constraints, claim to offer “modular” solutions. Yet, when customers seek tailored solutions, these providers often can’t deliver. Their “modules” may not fit the customer’s unique needs due to reliance on specific technologies or vendors.

Enter Accton’s Smart Platform, which breaks through these barriers. With over 35 years of expertise in enterprise networking area, we’ve built a vast supply chain spanning multiple technological fields. This allows us to offer a wide variety of technology and application options. The modularity of the Accton Smart Platform gives customers unparalleled freedom. It’s similar to the previously mentioned concept of Lego bricks. The Accton Smart Platform provides various smart bricks tailored to different scenarios, working with customers to create customized smart space solutions that meet their specific needs.

What You Need to Know About Accton Smart Platform

Accton Smart Platform revolutionizes urban infrastructure with its unique integration of advanced networking, automation, surveillance, energy, AI, and centralized control. This all-in-one solution enhances connectivity, efficiency, and sustainability in various smart spaces.

Think of it as a connector, seamlessly bridging applications and technologies to create more powerful and innovative smart space solutions. By solving the real-world challenges our customers face, it delivers practical and effective solutions tailored to their needs.

Providing High Agility to Meet Diverse Needs for Smart Spaces

Accton Smart Platform offers integrated solutions including:

Smart Pole
• Smart Location
• Smart NVR
• Smart Building

Within these four integrated solutions, you will find a wide range of shared hardware and software modules covering fields such as Networking, IoT, AI, NVR, and Energy. The practical applications of these solutions extend to cities, hospitals, campuses, factories, buildings, and many other smart space environments.


Providing Various Key Technology Bricks

Just like building blocks, the Accton Smart Platform offers a range of software and hardware modules, each designed to work seamlessly together. This makes the Accton Smart Platform the perfect partner for customers who want to develop their own solutions. It allows different vertical players to address specific domain application needs by utilizing Accton’s modular software and hardware components to tailor solutions for their smart spaces.

For example, in networking, we offer modular communication components such as 5G, 4G LTE, and CBRS for cellular networks. Additionally, we have modularized various wireless communication solutions like Wi-Fi, BLE, Zigbee, Threads, Wi-Fi HaLow, and 60GHz, transforming them into technology bricks that can meet different spatial needs. To manage various network technologies and devices, we provide centralized management solutions including IoT, Wi-Fi, Ethernet Switch, Threads, and Wi-Fi HaLow.

Our technology bricks go beyond just these areas. The Accton Smart Platform also modularizes a wide range of IoT application needs based on their technical attributes and functionalities. This includes sensing technology, data collection, image recognition, AI computing, and more, ensuring comprehensive and adaptable solutions for diverse smart space requirements.


Smart Pole: A Versatile Solution

The Accton Smart Pole Solution has already been deployed in various sites. By integrating different technology bricks, it quickly creates solutions tailored to customer needs, such as smart cities and smart campuses.

The Accton Smart Pole Solution incorporates a variety of software and hardware modular technology bricks, including:

• Outdoor Wi-Fi
• Street Light Control
• 60GHz Grid Network
• IPCam
• IoT Sensor
• eSignage
• Panic System
• CMS System
• Edge AI
• Energy Generation
• Energy Storage

These modular technology bricks enable a wide range of smart city application services, including smart governance, smart traffic management, smart energy solutions, environmental monitoring, and emergency safety services.

In the smart city use case, the Accton Smart Pole provides seamless integration with various databases and application services, linking customer systems with the Smart Pole platform. This integration facilitates the development of diverse application services such as real-time public information services, tourism information services, bus information services, ride-hailing service, on-demand shuttle service, and
traffic signal management systems.

.Want to Know How to Energize Your Smart Space?

At Accton and Edgecore Wi-Fi, our global commitment to open networking remains unwavering. We firmly believe in “Your Solution, Your Choice.” Our mission is to create solutions that best meet your needs, based on your preferences, ensuring maximum value and satisfaction.

Stay tuned as we delve deeper into the technology bricks contained within the Accton Smart Platform, and explore more features of Smart Pole, Smart NVR, Smart Location, and Smart Building.

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