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Publish | 2023-08-14

Introducing Edgecore latest OLS-Ready Switches: ECS4150-28P and ECS4150-28T

We are excited to introduce Edgecore Networks’ latest innovations – the ECS4150-28P and ECS4150-28T enterprise switches. As a frontrunner in providing Telecom Infra Project (TIP) OpenLAN Switching (OLS) solutions, these cutting-edge offerings signify our commitment to pushing the boundaries of open networking. Ideal for Managed Service Providers (MSPs), ISPs, and enterprises, these switches are poised to redefine connectivity solutions.

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The ECS4150-28P and ECS4150-28T switches from Edgecore are enriched with practical features that cater to the demands of MSPsISPs, and enterprise clients. These groundbreaking offerings are set to make a significant impact in the industry and equip our customers to stay ahead in today’s competitive landscape.



The ECS4150-28T is a robust Gigabit Ethernet access switch with four 10G SFP+ uplinks. Purpose-built for ISPs and MSOs, this versatile switch enables triple-play services with impressive Gigabit bandwidth for home users. It’s also a top-notch Cloud Edge access switch, seamlessly connecting IoT devices in enterprise and SMB setups.




The ECS4150-28P is a feature-rich PoE switch delivering up to 30W power to devices like APs, VoIP Phones, Cameras, and IoT devices. Using Cat 5 UTP cables, it eliminates separate power sources, ideal for modern interconnected setups. Advanced features ensure high availability, security, and QoS while retaining an intuitive management interface.


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