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Publish | 2023-07-27

Empowering MSPs with Enhanced Management, Security, and Resilience

For MSPs, centralized control and monitoring of networks across multiple sites in real-time save time and lay a crucial foundation for superior services. Tenants and end-users demand quick, easy, and secure Wi-Fi connections. Besides a centralized management platform, service providers rely on the offered management functionalities and application flexibility.

Edgecore Wi-Fi is ready to shine! We’ll help you provide flexible solutions and deliver superior experiences to your customers.

The Edgecore ecCLOUD Controller plays a pivotal role in MSP success, streamlining network management and boosting efficiency and scalability.

Now, let’s explore the features enhancing network security and application flexibility.


Unleashing the Power of Resilience Functions


ecCLOUD supports MSP Mode to ease the management efforts for service providers. Activating MSP Mode allows end customers to access the AP local web user interface and modify SSID settings such as name, authentication method, and password. Network administrators can enable this feature based on site requirements and can even grant different modification permissions for different SSIDs.

In addition, MSPs are able to customize the SSID-based services such as the number of provided SSIDs. When combined with the ecCLOUD AuthPort add-on that offers customized login pages for each SSID, enabling various tailored services with different charges.


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Secure Wi-Fi Solutions in Public Venues


To avoid the man-in-the-middle attack, Edgecore Wi-Fi offers two features, called “DHCP Snooping” and “ARP Inspection“, these can be configured in ecCLOUD and EWS Gateway-Controller, and all Edgecore Wi-Fi Access Points which support 12.x AP NOS Version.

With these two features, the administrator can enhance security measures. With the “trust DHCP server” input, the AP verifies that all DHCP traffic originates from the trusted server. If not, it drops the DHCP packets, preventing man-in-the-middle attacks using fake DHCP servers. Additionally, “ARP Inspection” complements DHCP Snooping by collecting IP-MAC pairs from DHCP packets to create a table. The AP then compares ARP response packets with the DHCP results, thwarting man-in-the-middle attacks attempting to use fake MAC addresses.

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