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Publish | 2022-09-07

Create Your Exclusive Cloud Controller with Edgecore ecCLOUD-VPC Solution

Create Your Exclusive Cloud Controller with ecCLOUD-VPC Solution

Edgecore ecCLOUD-VPC solution not only inherits the powerful functions of ecCLOUD, but is also equipped with additional customization capabilities. With the customizability, ecCLOUD-VPC allows the cloud owner to fully customize the logo, colors, and styles of the cloud UI, which helps to cultivate and retain customer loyalty by maintaining a unified brand image and representing their business domain in all customer communications.


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While ecCLOUD can support 500 sites and 500 devices per site with an annual subscription fee, ecCLOUD-VPC can manage up to 5,000 sites, and each site can support up to 500 devices, equipping it with more scalability and flexibility. SIs/MSPs/ISPs can easily monetize through ecCLOUD-VPC by providing customizable cloud services.

With ecCLOUD-VPC, SIs can expand their business and supply multiple VPCs to MSPs/ISPs. MSPs/ISPs can be the cloud owners and provide tiered services to different organizations, or apply ecCLOUD-VPC as a whole to help organizations create their own exclusive cloud without IT staff having to deal with public cloud resources and operations, freeing them up for building applications and services that drive overall business profitability.


Ideal for internal management of
Ideal for MSPs/ISPs providing customers with cloud-to-end network services
ecCLOUD Name and LogoAllow User Upload Own Company Name and Logo
Fixed Domain NameCustomizable Domain Name
500 Sites per Cloud5,000 Sites per Cloud
500 Devices per Site500 Devices per Site
International Public Cloud Resources (GCP) — Efficient and Stable
Synchronized Software Upgrade — Effortless Maintenance
Intuitive User Interface — Easy to Use


Edgecore ecCLOUD is a feature-rich scalable solution, and now ecCLOUD-VPC makes it more powerful and more capable to provide a variety of application scenarios that not only meet different customer needs, but also help SIs/MSPs/ISPs generate more business possibilities.

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