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Publish | 2022-08-10

Create Your Own Wi-Fi Network with Edgecore OpenWiFi Solution

Your Wi-Fi, Your Choice!

Create Your Own Wi-Fi Network with Edgecore

Experience flexible network infrastructures & applications with countless innovative possibilities with Edgecore OpenWiFi solution! Edgecore provides the full-stack OpenWiFi solution from products including ecCLOUD cloud controller, access points, and switches to public APIs, all with full technical support, helping you establish an OpenWiFi infrastructure from edge to core.


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Edgecore Full-stack OpenWiFi Solution


Edgecore openwifi cloud controller ecCLOUD, cloudsdk 2.0, integrationecCLOUD Cloud Controller
  • A ready-to-use, hussle-free TIP OpenWiFi 2.0 cloud controller, no need to deploy CloudSDK by yourself
  • Centralized manage all TIP OpenWiFi 2.0 devices
  • Device onboarding service easily upgrades OpenWiFi devices to customized firmware
  • Multi-site, Multi-level and Multi-tenancy management
Edgecore eccloud third party application, public apiecCLOUD API
  • ecCLOUD public API for 3rd party application
  • 3rd party applications can configure and collect status from the devices managed by ecCLOUD
Edgecore OpenWiFi ready access points, wifi6 apOpenWiFi Ready Access Points
  • Comprehensive product series
  • Easy to develop with pre-loaded TIP OpenWiFi image
  • Web GUI-ready for quick start up
  • Worldwide certification for importation
Edgecore OpenWiFi expert team, support team, OxherdThe Oxherd Team
  • Edgecore elites from System Architects, R&D, Quality Assurance (QA), & Technical Support
  • Assist customers at every step and accelerate the process in every phase
Edgecore OpenWiFi facilitating programOpenWiFi Facilitating Program
  • Test the ecCLOUD management functions with Edgecore OpenWiFi devices or your own OpenWiFi devices
  • Utilize ecCLOUD API for third-party application development to further empower and advance the OpenWiFi ecosystem


Meet the A Team

The Oxherd team puts you at ease at every stage of OpenWiFi

The Oxherd team consists of elites from Edgecore’s System Architects, R&D, Quality Assurance (QA), and Technical Support. From adopting an OpenWiFi environment to configuring specific access point features, the Oxherd team is here to assist customers at every step and accelerate the process in every phase.

Reach the team: oxherd@edge-core.com


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