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Publish | 2020-04-09

Extending the Limits of Secure Remote Connectivity with Edgecore Networks

As the pandemic forces many employees to work from home, contingency planning is essential to ensure business continuity in this time of crisis. Edgecore’s Enterprise Wi-Fi solution helps IT departments address the task of supporting a workforce that’s highly mobile and requires access to the same resources as corporate users.

Secure Enterprise User Authentication

Enterprises and organizations need to have complete visibility of all Wi-Fi users on their network in order to prevent, identify, and fend off potential intruders. Edgecore’s WLAN solution supports both 802.1X and browser-based authentication, ensuring the proper identification of network users before granting access to the network. Existing external authentication databases such as LDAP, POP3, NT Domain, and RADIUS can be easily enabled by network administrators and uniformly enforced across all deployment sites. Additionally, captive portals are fully customizable for web-based authentication of visitors or guests, utilizing authentication options such as social media, e-mail, or SMS.




Schedule & Role-based User Access Control

Powerful Wi-Fi access control is necessary for enterprise to protect critical network resources, have complete visibility over all users and devices, and quickly respond to any potential network issues. Edgecore’s role-based user policies provide IT administrators with the ability to pre-define multiple user roles, and assign unique access policies that take effect at different times and locations in the wireless network.



Unified Branch Office Network Policies

Edgecore’s solution supports both centralized and distributed access point deployments through flexible tunnel configuration between Edgecore APs and EWS gateway-controllers. By configuring the access points to completely tunnel traffic back to the Edgecore Controller in the headquarters, network administrators ensure the same set of user policies and network resource access regardless of geographical location. As the tunneling is configured on a per SSID level, organizations can also choose to allow only employee traffic to return back to the HQ, while guest and visitor traffic can locally break out to the Internet.



Secure Remote Access through VPNs

Edgecore EWS Controllers support both remote VPN and Site-to-site VPN, providing a way for secure connections to be established across the public network by tunneling the traffic. Companies can allow staff to remotely access the file servers or other resources on the headquarters’ intranet from an outside network using VPNs.

Detailed User Logs & Reports


Edgecore offers a complete set of logs & reports from its monitoring interface, including user browsing histories, NAT conversion logs, and all authentication-related events. Furthermore, the guest Wi-Fi platform allows administrators to aggregate unique user information such as social media profiles, cellular numbers, or e-mail addresses for detailed analytics or troubleshooting.

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