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Publish | 2020-01-15

Edgecore Wi-Fi solution will be deployed across 275 schools in Tainan

Partner with Chunghwa Telecom, Edgecore won the Campus Wireless Networks project of Bureau of Education, Tainan City Government, Edgecore Wi-Fi will be deployed across 275 schools in Tainan, providing reliable and scalable Wi-Fi for future e-learning.


Project Overview
In order to provide complete wireless network coverage for the public elementary and middle school campuses in Tainan City, this project focuses on expanding and replacing the campus wireless network infrastructure to form an integral wireless network management system.
The new wireless network management system will be integrated with the existing wireless network management structure of the Information Center of the Education Bureau of Tainan City for easy and simple management and maintenance.


Project Requirements

  • Deploy 6000 APs over 275 Schools
  • Deploy APs on existing wireless network infrastructures at the Education Bureau or plan new ones separately
  • A single management interface and user interface, which meets the probability requirements of the wireless network of the Education Bureau
  • Coverage rate & priority requirements:
    • 100% of classrooms
    • 100% of teaching areas
    • Reach the goal of 100% campus
  • Replace existing firewall devices that manage wireless network traffic
  • The establishment of this project shall not affect the normal operation of the existing network of the Education Bureau and schools at all levels


Existing Network Architecture


Edgecore Solution


Solution Overview

  • 11ac Wave 2 (WiFi 5) Devices
    • Reach 100% wireless network coverage of classrooms, teaching areas, and playgrounds
    • Support high-density Wi-Fi environment
    • Support PoE power supply


  • IPv6 for AP Management
    • Use IPv6 to tunnel back wireless device management, authentication, Internet traffic to the Information Center
    • Support Dual Stacking of IPv4 and IPv6


  • Account Roaming
    • Complies with the certification mechanism currently used by the Information Center
    • Support account roaming across schools, cities and countries


  • Bottom-up Centralized Management
    • Centralized device management and monitoring
    • Tiered Wi-Fi administration for flexible management
    • Comprehensive daily, weekly and monthly report


  • Complete and Secure Security
    • Overlay and expand the existing wired internet and ZNI smart network management
    • User data packets return to the center and are controlled by a wireless dedicated firewall
    • Configure user IP according to the SSID to enable access to on-campus hosts and printers


  • Scalable and Affordable
    • Support horizontal expansion and backup mechanism.
    • Excellent quality and reasonable price (including license fees) for future purchase considerations of network expansion


Wi-Fi Solution Product Portfolio
WLAN Gateway-Controller10GbE Data Center Switch
Bare-Metal Hardware
Outdoor Access Point
Indoor Access Point
*For Taiwan Market Only
Centralized Network Management
and Control System
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