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Publish | 2019-08-22

New Firmware Release v3.45.00

Edgecore released new firmware updates for its EWS-series Controller and ECW/ECWO-series AP v3.45.0000.

  • Key features updated in this version:
  • • Social Media “Twitter” and “dAccount” support in Social Media Login
  • • WYSIWYG editor support in Login Page Customization
  • • Integration with “Innkey PMS” and “IDS Next PMS”
  • • Support on-demand Smart Login
    (Allow on-demand user to login automatically for a certain period of time)
  • • Support Edgecore switch management
    (To learn more about supported switch models, please contact Edgecore Sales or Tech Support Team)
  • • Automatic AP firmware upgrade
  • • Automatic periodically system backup
  • • Increase maximum number of online users
  • • Increase number of managed APs
  • • Exportable AP list
  • • Alarm and Event Management
  • • SNMP proxy for AP
  • • Certificate regeneration
  • • Dashboard display customization
  • • HTTPS security upgrade to TLS1.2, TLS1.3

For more information, please contact Edgecore Wi-Fi Tech Support team at ecwifi@edge-core.com.