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Publish | 2023-10-11

Recent Cloud Updates

Important: Cloud will proceed upgrade on October 18 at 9PM (UTC +8) and it will take approximately 3 hours to complete

What’s New?


  1. Support Captive Portal for OpenRoaming
  2. Support adjusting System log level for EAP101/EAP102/EAP104 (with v12.4.7 or later)
  3. Support NAS ID in SSID settings for EAP101/EAP102/EAP104 (with v12.4.7 or later)
  4. Support IP and MAC address searching in Devices page
  5. Update Aprecomm add-on package to 1.0.9
    Aprecomm v1.0.9 release note:
    i. Fix ping loss issue in mesh network
    – Originally, ping loss issue is caused by passive scan which has now been disabled from VWE module
    ii. Fix kernel panic on MAP
  6. Update help tips and default value of Minimum Allowed signal to -100
  7. Improved UI style of OpenRoaming page
  8. Display Supported models and firmware versions in Add-on subscribe page
  9. Fix Captive portal URL cannot be configured in “Remote Splash Page with External RADIUS” mode

Please refer below link for information on list which add-on package is supported on which firmware version: