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Publish | 2023-09-07

Recent Cloud Updates

Important: Cloud will proceed upgrade on September 13 at 9PM (UTC +8) and it will take approximately 3 hours to complete

What’s New?


1. Fixed SP-W2-AC1200 cannot perform upgrade from v3.1.1-4763
2. Enhanced User experience for Site Grouping
– Adjust Color for Group menu
– Adjust site display in site grouping page
– Support multiple Sites selection
3. Unified Wireless Statistics page for Wifi5 & Wifi6
– Display correctly when device radio is not initialized
4. Fixed missing HTTPs domain after reload page.
5 Adjusted table alignment in different screen resolutions.
6. Fixed VLAN tag traffic internal error when enabling Quectel LTE dongle
7. Supported mgmt log level for EAP101/EAP102/EAP104 12.4.5
8. Removed unused HTTPs configuration for Hotspot external captive portal
9. Fixed incorrect txpower display in Activities
10. Fixed permission issue for hotspot page in guest permission.
11. Fixed issue to accept blank space in venue name for OpenRoaming configuration.
12. Removed “TRACK” and “NOTRACK” firewall rule.