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Publish | 2024-07-10

Recent Cloud Updates

Important: Cloud will proceed upgrade on July 17 at 9PM (UTC +8) and it will take approximately 3 hours to complete

What’s New?

Enhancement & Fix:

  1. Support Reset quota in Authport account page
  2. Support configurations for ECS1100 series
    VLAN & Port VLAN configuration
    Trunk & Port Trunk configuration
    QoS configuration
    System configuration
    Service configuration
    Password configuration
    LLDP information report
  3. Support displaying devices with enabled “Always follow cloud configuration” in firmware upgrade page
  4. Update maximum Txpower for for EAP101/ EAP102/ EAP104 (with v12.5.0 or later)
  5. Update description and hyperlink in add-ons page
  6. Fix inaccurate AP signal coverage on floor map
  7. Fix unavailable to use search bar at device level configuration with Guest permission