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Publish | 2021-06-08

Edgecore Networks & Wi-Fi NOW partner to speed up worldwide TIP OpenWiFi network deployment

The Telecom Infra Project’s recently launched OpenWiFi initiative promises to drive costs down and innovation up for enterprise and carrier Wi-Fi networks. Now leading Wi-Fi vendor Edgecore Networks and Wi-Fi NOW are partnering to promote the fast worldwide ramp-up of TIP OpenWiFi deployments. Edgecore Networks currently is one of a handful vendors providing high-quality enterprise-grade OpenWiFi-compliant access point hardware.

The Telecom Infra Project (TIP) OpenWiFi initiative – launched recently – promises to transform the world of enterprise and carrier Wi-Fi through disaggregation, which in turn drives the cost of Wi-Fi deployments down, while ensuring innovation in software and services.

Now leading Wi-Fi network vendor Edgecore Networks and Wi-Fi NOW are teaming up to promote the fast worldwide ramp-up of OpenWiFi through the deployment of industry-leading OpenWiFi-compliant access point hardware from Edgecore Networks. The company right now supplies four Wi-Fi 5-capable and two Wi-Fi 6-capable access point models that come pre-installed with OpenWiFi software. More OpenWiFi-ready AP hardware models will be released shortly, Edgecore Networks says.

“We are excited to be part of the TIP OpenWiFi initiative and delighted to be partnering with Wi-Fi NOW to make sure the world knows how OpenWiFi is transforming and adding tremendous value to the world of Wi-Fi. Whether the use case is for SMBs, MDUs, larger venues, or for highly scalable carrier deployments, our OpenWiFi-compliant APs are exactly what the industry needs to reap the full benefits of the OpenWiFi initiative,” says Enco Liew, Vice President of Edgecore Networks.

It is easy to build OpenWiFi networks based on Edgecore Networks OpenWiFi-compliant APs because Edgecore hardware comes with a large memory for customised applications as well as a service for pushing custom software of the OpenWiFi APs, Edgecore says. The company is an active member of the TIP OpenWiFi ecosystem, contributing skills and resources in building OpenWiFi technology for the benefit of the entire OpenWiFi ecosystem, the company says.

“We believe TIP OpenWiFi is a transformative initiative that will bring great Wi-Fi services out to even more consumers and business ever before. We’re delighted to be supporting and working with Edgecore Networks to promote the case for OpenWiFi networks everywhere, and we very much look forward to showcasing great OpenWiFi technology and projects all over the world powered by Edgecore,” says Claus Hetting, Wi-Fi NOW CEO & Chairman.

For more about OpenWiFi-compliant hardware solutions from Edgecore Networks write openwifi@edge-core.com and make sure you watch this space for more information on OpenWiFi projects and solutions.


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