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Publish | 2023-05-04

Edgecore Networks Teams up with Wedge Networks to Offer Next-Generation Network Security

WedgeCND™ Security Add-on Now Available on Edgecore ecCLOUD

Edgecore Networks, a leading provider of traditional and open network solutions for enterprises, data centers, and telecommunication service providers, today announced its partnership with Wedge Networks to offer a next-generation network security solution to its customers. Wedge Networks’ Wedge Cloud Network Defense (WedgeCND™), a cloud-managed security service designed to provide comprehensive security protection, is now available as an add-on for Edgecore’s Wi-Fi 6 series access points through its ecCLOUD cloud controller. This partnership offers Edgecore’s customers access to a range of optimized Security-as-a-Service (SECaaS) features seamlessly integrated into their networks, providing ubiquitous Wi-Fi network security protection.

WedgeCND™ is an innovative cloud-managed security service designed to protect cloud-managed computing devices. With the activation of WedgeCND™’s security add-on on the ecCLOUD, all hosts and endpoints accessing the Internet through Edgecore Wi-Fi 6 access points registered to ecCLOUD will be automatically protected against all types of threats, including malware, ransomware, phishing, and malicious websites. Leveraging robust cloud computing capacity and working at the network layer, WedgeCND™ provides the most advanced professional network security detection and protection, without the need for dedicated network security software and hardware.

WedgeCND™’s patented technologies in high performance cloud network security, and high accuracy threat detection with machine learning and inferencing algorithms provide true real-time performance that is not bound by hardware-based limitations, enabling industry-leading real-time threat prevention abilities. Additionally, the service’s automated and continuously learning AI based Neural Engine can recognize never-before-seen malware in real-time, providing customers with unparalleled protection against new and emerging threats.

Key Features:

  • Plug-and-play activation for easy installation without the need for dedicated network security software and hardware
  • Professional-grade network security protection combining multiple cloud-based detection engines including AI machine learning, behavior analysis, big data-based anomaly detection, and real-time security intelligence
  • Real-time threat and intrusion blocking that filters and blocks threats in the data flow, preventing attacks on connected hosts and endpoints
  • Regular security event reports sent to customer email to provide a clear overview of all discovered and blocked threats
  • Subscription based annually with the option for customers to activate or cancel the service at any time, making it an affordable and flexible option for all wireless AP users, including chain restaurants/cafes, hotels, shopping malls, airports, and SOHOs.


“We are thrilled to partner with Wedge Networks and offer WedgeCND™ to our ecCLOUD add-on family,” said TengTai Hsu, VP of Edgecore Networks. “With the growing use of intelligent endpoints, customers require a simple, fast, and effective network security solution. This integration provides a seamless and comprehensive security solution for Edgecore’s customers, making network security protection simple and affordable for everyone.”

“ecCLOUD is one of the largest managed Wi-Fi network platforms in the world. The activation of WedgeCND™ represents an important milestone in Wedge’s collaboration with Edgecore, providing large scale, cost effective cyber security solutions for ecCLOUD customers,” said Dr. Hongwen Zhang, CEO & CTO (Co-founder) of Wedge. Furthermore, “As a leader in the global open networking ecosystem, Edgecore plays a crucial role in facilitating current and future digital transformation use cases. We are honored to work alongside Edgecore to safeguard the security and integrity of these critical applications.”

The collaboration between Edgecore Networks and Wedge Networks enables customers to seamlessly integrate WedgeCND™ into their networks and enjoy comprehensive security features and benefits, making ecCLOUD the cloud controller solution of choice.


The WedgeCND™ add-on is now available on ecCLOUD. For more information, please contact sales@edge-core.com

About Edgecore Networks

Edgecore Networks Corporation is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Accton Technology Corporation, the leading network ODM. Edgecore Networks delivers wired and wireless networking products and solutions through channel partners and system integrators worldwide for data center, service provider, enterprise, and SMB customers. Edgecore Networks is the leader in open networking, providing a full line of open Wi-Fi access points, packet transponders, virtual PON OLTs, cell site gateways, aggregation routers, and 1G, 10G, 25G, 40G, 100G and 400G OCP AcceptedTM switches that offer a choice of commercial and open-source NOS and SDN software.

The vision of Edgecore Networks is to provide connectivity solutions that allow our customers and partners to accomplish more, and the mission is to democratize and provide better access to networking technologies through disaggregation and open-source software.

For more information, visit wifi.edge-core.com or contact sales@edge-core.com.

About Wedge Networks

Wedge Networks Inc. is an innovator and developer of cybersecurity technologies utilizing advanced AI techniques providing intelligent Real-Time Threat Prevention solutions for the machine economy. Our innovation is a patented software platform, specifically designed for an increasingly connected world, that enables real-time security services rollout across the network from the edge to the cloud in strategic partnership with MSPs and OEMs. Wedge is headquartered in Calgary, Canada with international teams in the North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East and North Africa regions. Today, Wedge’s products prevent advanced security threats for many millions of endpoints in enterprises, governments, and critical infrastructures globally.

For more information, visit www.wedgenetworks.com


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