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Publish | 2024-01-04

Edgecore Networks Launches EAP111: The High-Resilience, Versatile Wi-Fi Access Point for Diverse Environments

Edgecore Networks, a leader in innovative network solutions for enterprises, data centers, and telecommunication service providers, proudly announces the launch of the EAP111, a cutting-edge Wi-Fi 6 dual-band access point. Designed to meet the diverse and evolving demands of modern wireless connectivity, the EAP111 plays a role akin to a Swiss Army Knife in complex network deployment scenarios, satisfying a wide range of unique environmental conditions and offering a blend of high performance, versatility, and robustness.


Building upon the iconic legacy of Edgecore’s Wi-Fi products, the EAP111 elevates environmental adaptability to new heights. Primarily crafted as an indoor access point, its performance transcends conventional boundaries, showcasing exceptional resilience across diverse settings. This adaptability is particularly pronounced in areas that merge indoor and outdoor elements, such as covered arcades, walkways, and eaves, as well as in locales susceptible to high humidity and rainfall, like mountainous and coastal regions. The EAP111 is ingeniously designed with versatile features to address a broad spectrum of network deployment challenges, granting customers increased flexibility in deploying Wi-Fi access points to maximize network efficiency and coverage.


When compared to typical indoor access points in the market, the EAP111 stands apart with its IP55 rating. This rating is a testament to its ability to endure demanding environments marked by elevated humidity levels and the likelihood of rainwater exposure. Additionally, the EAP111 is thoughtfully designed with an array of mounting options, including installations on walls, ceilings, T-bars, and poles. This diversity in mounting alternatives provides customers with unmatched flexibility, allowing them to customize their deployment strategies to meet specific environmental conditions and installation needs.


Key Features of the EAP111:

  • Dual-Band High-Speed Performance: The EAP111 ensures exceptional wireless performance with speeds of up to 574 Mbps on the 2.4GHz band and up to 2,400 Mbps on the 5GHz band. This capability allows for seamless streaming, fast downloads, and smooth online experiences for numerous users and devices simultaneously.


  • Indoor Elegance, Outdoor Robustness: Boasting an IP55 rating, the EAP111 is designed for both elegance and resilience. While it excels as an indoor Wi-Fi AP, it is also dust and water-resistant, making it suitable for outdoor or semi-outdoor environments.


  • Versatile Mounting Options: Embodying the adaptability of a Swiss Army Knife, the EAP111 offers various mounting choices, including walls, ceilings, T-bars, and poles. This flexibility ensures optimal placement in diverse settings, from sophisticated office spaces to challenging outdoor areas.


  • Advanced Technology Integration: Beyond traditional Wi-Fi capabilities, the EAP111 is equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Zigbee, making it a comprehensive hub for IoT connectivity. This integration positions the EAP111 as a future-proof solution in the rapidly evolving landscape of wireless technology.


  • Efficient and Scalable Management: The EAP111 can be managed through Edgecore’s ecCLOUD, ecCLOUD-VPC, or EWS/VEWS Series controllers, offering scalable solutions for network management. It also supports standalone operation, providing flexibility for various deployment scenarios.


  • Enhanced User Capacity and Efficiency: With support for 2×2:2 uplink and downlink MU-MIMO, the EAP111 efficiently handles communication between the access point and multiple clients, supporting up to 512 users simultaneously. This feature makes it ideal for high-density environments where numerous devices require reliable connectivity.


“The EAP111 is our innovative response to the complex demands of modern wireless connectivity,” said TengTai Hsu, VP of Edgecore Networks. “With its combination of high-speed performance, versatile mounting options, and advanced technology integration, the EAP111 is perfectly suited for MDUs, hotels, businesses, schools, hospitals, and public spaces seeking a robust, adaptable, and high-performing wireless solution.”


Synthesizing all these characteristics, the EAP111 showcases exceptional flexibility, perfectly illustrating its pronounced features of indoor elegance and outdoor robustness. With the growing expectation for ubiquitous Wi-Fi connectivity, network infrastructure must evolve to meet environmental conditions and user demands. This was a key goal for the Edgecore Wi-Fi team in designing the EAP111. Furthermore, considering the overall Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for Wi-Fi networks, Edgecore Wi-Fi has strategically priced the EAP111 at a highly competitive point, aiming to reduce customer TCO and enhance the efficiency of overall network service operations.


Availability: The EAP111 is now available for purchase through Edgecore Networks and its authorized distributors. For more information about the EAP111 and other Edgecore products, please visit HERE. For more product information, please contact ecwifi-info@edge-core.com.


About Edgecore Networks

Edgecore Networks Corporation is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Accton Technology Corporation, the leading network ODM. Edgecore Networks delivers wired and wireless networking products and solutions through channel partners and system integrators worldwide for data center, service provider, enterprise, and SMB customers. Edgecore Networks is the leader in open networking, providing a full line of open 1G-400G Ethernet OCP Accepted™ switches, core routers, cell site gateways, virtual PON OLTs, packet transponders, and Wi-Fi access points that offer choice of commercial and open source NOS and SDN software. For more information, visit wifi.edge-core.com


Reference: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20240104014100/en/Edgecore-Networks-Launches-EAP111-The-High-Resilience-Versatile-Wi-Fi-Access-Point-for-Diverse-Environments

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