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Publish | 2021-06-08

The TIP OpenWiFi Ready Access Points You Can’t Miss!

Edgecore TIP OpenWiFi Ready Access Points

Your Best OpenWiFi AP Choice

Edgecore provides the comprehensive product line of TIP OpenWiFi Ready Access Points. From indoor to outdoor, Wi-Fi 5 to Wi-Fi 6, the robust & resilient designs can assist you to build the optimal networks.
The all-in-one package allows users to save on time and the hassle of having to go through initial setup. If required, Edgecore products provide endless possibilities on its open platform for clients to expand accordingly.



Open Mesh

Open Mesh Wi-Fi networks allows you to connect your AP wirelessly to one another, providing an intuitive way to extend the Wi-Fi signal to a larger area and minimizing dead zones. In addition, mesh Wi-Fi provide your building with seamless roaming so that you stay connected wherever you are. It provides you a scalability, flexibility, and efficiency to get better network coverage for your Wi-Fi deployment.


Open Roaming

OpenRoaming provides assurance that the Wi-Fi networks automatically interoperate between each other to deliver an automatically connected Wi-Fi experience, allowing users to securely roam from location to location without the need for logins, registrations, or passwords.


Check out the video of the conduct trial of the WBA’s OpenRoaming with Edgecore OpenWiFi AP


Cloud SDK

The Edgecore TIP OpenWiFi Ready Access Point provides cloud controller SDK to build cloud-native Wi-Fi controller software for service providers and enterprises. This application can be used with multiple vendor solutions, saving integration costs and reducing time to market.


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