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Publish | 2021-02-09

Providing Secure and Value-added Wi-Fi Services for Your Clients with ecCLOUD

ecCLOUD Add-On-AuthPort

Providing Secure and Value-added Wi-Fi Services for Your Clients

The AuthPort Add-on enables the built-in authentication server of ecCLOUD, supporting authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA) function for wireless clients. With AuthPort enabled, you can create accounts based on different service plan, which defines the time and data quota for each account. When the wireless client associate to the network, the client can login with the created account to get Internet access.


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Secure User Authentication
AuthPort provides authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA), security, guest access management. It supports both 802.1X and UAM authentication, ensuring the proper identification of network users before granting access to the network. Existing authentication databases RADIUS can be easily enabled by network administrators and uniformly enforced across all deployment sites.


Service Plan by Volume & Time
The built-in account database allows you to create accounts on demand with service plan. Multiple service plans can be enabled to create tiered Wi-Fi service with different usage quotas, time, and number of device per account. In this way, you can limit network usage of each account to avoid abuse of network resources.


SSID-based Custom Captive Portal & Built-in Editor

Customized Captive Portals can benefit your network much more than you can imagine. ecCLOUD supports captive portal, or splash page, network administrators can quickly enable unique Wi-Fi login pages per SSID. Each login page is fully customizable to show unique branding or advertisements. With the built-in captive portal editor, you can drag and drop modules to easily craft your captive portal even if you’re not familiar with coding.


Support Layer 3 Roaming

ecCLOUD supports Layer 3 roaming for wireless clients. It is a practical feature because you may have deployments that span over a large area, and there are many APs to providing service, and Layer 3 roaming ensures that the clients will not be asked to re-login every time they move to another AP.


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