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Publish | 2022-01-12

Edgecore Wireless Solution – Infinite Possibilities and Achieve More Than You Ever Dreamt of

Edgecore Expands & Re-energizes the Path Ahead with You

How to cope with another year of uncertainty?

A reliable partner who provides open and straightforward choices for you.

It is Edgecore.

With world-class JDM/ODM and Supply Chain management capability, it unlocks your business potential, strengthens your operation resilience, and boosts your innovation value.

It is Edgecore.


From Wi-Fi to Switch, from Controller to Cloud, from infrastructure to application, and from Terragraph to OpenWi-Fi.

It is Edgecore.

OPEN to the Technology, OPEN to the Innovation, OPEN to Each and Every Possibility.

It is Edgecore.


Edgecore is your perfect partner to carry out all kinds of networking innovative ideas for the new coming year.

Together We Survive the Uncertainty and Thrive.




Meet Edgecore Product Lines

Edgecore WiFi Solution, ecCLOUD, cloud controller, cloud solution, multi-site managementEdgecore WiFi Solution,wlan controller, centralized management
ecCLOUD Cloud ControllerWLAN Gateway-Controller
ecCLOUD simplifies the task of device deployment, management and monitoring at a single site or multiple sites across different geographical locations.EWS-series Gateway-Controllers come with a complete suite of AP and User management functionality to simplify the deployment and management of complex Wi-Fi networks.
Edgecore WiFi Solution, ecCLOUD, cloud managed access point, ap, enterprise apEdgecore WiFi Solution, ecCLOUD,cloud managed 60GHz solution, mltg, terragraph, mmwave, 11ay
Wireless Access PointTerragraph Certified Product
Wireless access points utilize the latest in Wi-Fi standards and technology to address the needs of all types of deployments, ensuring an optimal Wi-Fi experience.Utilize the 60 GHz mmWave band to enable the delivery of multi-gigabit connectivity wirelessly allowing quick roll-out of fiber-like wireless networks.
Edgecore WiFi Solution, ecCLOUD, poe switch, enterprsie switchEdgecore WiFi Solution, ecCLOUD, sdwan, vpn
Enterprise SwitchSD-WAN
Edgecore Networks provides a full range of managed switches to fulfill different deployment requirements, from small/medium business users, enterprises to carrier-level service providers, from simple web smart switches to Layer 2 and Layer 3 switches.Edgecore Networks SD-WAN solution is to address those network issues and able to provide robust, secure, adaptive network services on demand. SD-WAN can be managed by SD-WAN software controller and allow users to install software controller in the data center or server.
Edgecore WiFi Solution, ecCLOUD, openwifi solution, cloudsdkTIP OpenWiFi Solution
Edgecore works with other TIP members to accelerate the pace of innovation in the Wi-Fi ecosystem by creating a cost-effective disaggregated open-source solution aimed to improve global connectivity. Edgecore provides devices that come preinstalled with TIP’s images that offer users an open platform for further customization. From SMB to MDUs to larger venues, Edgecore TIP-ready access points can meet various usage and requirements.
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