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Publish | 2022-02-25

Enjoy Superior Stay and Excellent Wi-Fi at ParkView Hotels & Resorts


The Parkview Hotel was established in 1993 as the first five-star luxury resort hotel in Hualien, Taiwan. In addition to providing a comfortable living environment, the Parkview Hotel has been committed to creating diverse entertainment facilities to provide visitors with the most comfortable vacation experience. Facing the increased demand of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) for travel, while considering that Wi-Fi access has also become an important reference indicator when choosing a lodging location, the Parkview Hotel decided to update its existing network equipment and architecture to provide guests with the best accommodation experience and meet the needs of staff for Internet access.



In the past, wireless controller network solutions were expensive, therefore the ParkView Hotel provided Wi-Fi services through the deployment of fat APs. Since there is no wired network cable layout in guest rooms, all APs must be deployed on the ceiling of the walkway outside. This made the network signal relatively unstable, and the number of Internet-related complaints from customers increased. In addition, although fat APs are easy to build, they are difficult to manage. Therefore, the management and maintenance of the APs became a major problem for hotel IT staff.



The Edgecore SunSpot AC Wave2 solution met the hotel’s application requirements, providing Power over Ethernet (PoE) options that enabled APs to be deployed without being limited by the location of power sockets, and making deployment more flexible. In addition, the Edgecore ecCLOUD system provided unified visibility and control over all wired and wireless devices, simplifying deployment and management, increasing efficiency, and lowering labor costs.

During the network deployment, Edgecore’s engineers tested the APs one by one to ensure the best location in each guest room. This avoided Wi-Fi dead spots caused by the building structure, so that every room could enjoy stable and smooth network connections.

After deployment of the Edgecore solution, the Wi-Fi network has successfully brought the following practical benefits to the hotel:

  1. A stable Internet connection quality that meets the needs of guests.
  2. A reduction in the cost of infrastructure set-up and maintenance, while keeping a good service quality.
  3. An easy-to-use cloud platform that enables intelligent network management, as well as maximizing labor efficiency.



“The ParkView Hotel has been serving for more than 25 years, and currently some facilities are undergoing refurbishment. We look forward to providing guests with updated and better services after completion. We will deploy Edgecore solutions for the fiber-optic backbone infrastructure.” says IT Manager from the ParkView Hotel. “Meanwhile, we will use Edgecore APs in various public areas, such as banquet halls, restaurants and clubs etc. to provide the best network environment for guests and colleagues.”




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