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Publish | 2023-09-07

Edgecore OpenWiFi Maverick: A Comprehensive Course

With OpenWiFi Course, you can enhance your understanding of TIP OpenWiFi, Cloud Controllers, OpenLAN Switches, and OpenWiFi Access Points

  • Efficient Setup

Learn to efficiently set up networks using the ecOpen Quick Setup Wizard, saving time and resources in real-world networking scenarios!

  • Expert Guidance

Gain access to our student-only community for expert support, ensuring you receive the best insights and assistance for your networking journey!

  • Community Engagement

Connect with TIP and Edgecore Wi-Fi communities, fostering networking relationships and staying updated with industry developments!


Course Outline

Module 1: Unveiling TIP OpenWiFi

  • Introduction to TIP OpenWiFi
  • Exploring OpenLAN Switching
  • Overcoming Vendor Lock-In
  • Quality Assurance and Testing
  • Financial Advantages and Customization
  • Introduction to CloudSDK
  • Joining the TIP Community


Module 2: Edgecore OpenWiFi Solution

  • Introduction to Edgecore Networks
  • Edgecore OpenWiFi Solution
  • Exploring ecOpen Cloud Controller & CloudSDK Controllers
  • Introduction to TIP OpenWiFi Ready Devices
  • Edgecore OpenWiFi Expert Team and Community


Module 3: Exploring the Edgecore ecOpen Cloud Controller

  • Understanding ecOpen
  • Benefits of ecOpen
  • ecOpen Quick Setup Wizard
  • Comprehensive ecOpen Quick Setup Wizard Tutorial


Course Instructor

Your guide on this journey is Łukasz Łukowski, a pioneer of open networking with over 15 years of industry experience. Łukasz is a founding member of route2open and has played a significant role in multiple organizations dedicated to open networking. Łukasz is also involved with prominent networking foundations, including the Open Compute Project Foundation and the Open Networking Foundation.

Łukasz played a pivotal role in the early stages of the OpenWiFi project, contributing to Edgecore Networks’ hardware designs and witnessing its unveiling at the Mobile World Congress in 2019. With his expertise and direct involvement in OpenWiFi’s development, he is the perfect guide for this journey into TIP OpenWiFi and Edgecore’s OpenWiFi Solution.

With his extensive knowledge and first-hand involvement in the birth and growth of OpenWiFi, Łukasz is an ideal mentor for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of open networking solutions.


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R2O-OWF – OpenWiFi Course


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