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Publish | 2024-03-12

Embrace the Power of Versatility with EAP111

The EAP111 is a cutting-edge Wi-Fi 6 dual-band access point. Designed to meet the diverse and evolving demands of modern wireless connectivity, the EAP111 plays a role akin to a Swiss Army Knife in complex network deployment scenarios, satisfying a wide range of unique environmental conditions and offering a blend of high performance, versatility, and robustness.

Building upon the iconic legacy of Edgecore’s Wi-Fi products, the EAP111 elevates environmental adaptability to new heights. Primarily crafted as an indoor access point, its performance transcends conventional boundaries, showcasing exceptional resilience across diverse settings. This adaptability is particularly pronounced in areas that merge indoor and outdoor elements, such as covered arcades, walkways, and eaves, as well as in locales susceptible to high humidity and rainfall, like mountainous and coastal regions. The EAP111 is ingeniously designed with versatile features to address a broad spectrum of network deployment challenges, granting customers increased flexibility in deploying Wi-Fi access points to maximize network efficiency and coverage.

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