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Publish | 2019-11-21

OAP100 – 11ac Wave 2 Outdoor Access Point

Edgecore OAP100 is an enterprise-grade, concurrent dual-band 802.11ac wave 2 Outdoor Access Point, designed specifically to withstand harsh weather conditions by IP68 rated, rust-resistant plastic housing in outdoor and industrial environments. The OAP100 features 2×2:2 MU-MIMO radio that can each transmit data to multiple clients simultaneously, and together have a combined data rate of up to 1.3 Gbps. Moreover, OAP100 has the software-selectable built-in antennas for different services. OAP100’s integration with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) enables new value-added applications such as iBeacon, and other location-based services. Besides, with a built-in GPS receiver, IT administrators can easily keep track of the location of all deployed OAP100s, simplifying the maintenance task and adding a new potential of location-related services. Meanwhile, OAP100 also supports Long Term Evolution (LTE) to receive network service, decreasing the deployment difficulties.

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