Terragraph PtP Long-Range Client Node

  • 802.11ay
  • Up to 1.8Gbps
  • CPE
  • IP66 Rating
  • Support ecCLOUD

MLTG-CN LR is a Terragraph certified client node (CN). MLTG-CN LR supports IEEE802.11ay standard to deliver high-speed Internet in a noise-free and unlicensed 60GHz spectrum. With high-gain antenna and beamforming technology, MLTG-CN LR is suitable for long-range deployments. The range can reach up to 1 km when paired with MLTG-CN LR. And it can reach up to 700 meters when paired with MLTG-360.

MLTG-CN LR can be paired to quickly build long-range Point-to-Point (PtP) links for the backhaul or last-mile access, and deliver fiber-like multi-gigabit throughput.

When connected with MLTG-360, MLTG-CN LR can also function as a endpoint to provide last-mile wireless gigabit connectivity to the client site, such as warehouse, company building, or residential area.

  • Wireless

    • 802.11ay

    RF Output Power:
    • Up to 56 dBm

    Frequency Band:
    • 57-66GHz (channel 1 to channel 4)

    Channel Bandwidth:
    • 2160MHz
    • 4320MHz (available in future software release)

    • BPSK
    • QPSK
    • 16QAM

  • Antenna

    • Type: Built-in phased array antenna with dish

    • Gain: 40 dBi

    • Scan Range: +/-3°

    • Beam Width: 1°

  • Interface

    • 1 x 2.5G Ethernet Port (PoE IN)

    • 1 x SFP Port

    • 1 x 60GHz Radio

  • Hardware

    • 24~57V passive PoE injector (DC terminal block)

    Dimensions (L x W x H):
    • 35.5 x 35.5 x 31.5 cm

    • 3 kg

    Environmental Conditions:
    • IP66 Rating
    • Operating Temperature: -40ºC (-40ºF) to 60ºC (140ºF)
    • Storage Temperature: -40ºC (-40ºF) to 70ºC (158ºF)
    • Operating Humidity: 5% to 95% non-condensing
    • Wind Resistance: 210 km/h (sustained wind)/ 265 km/h (wind gust)

    Power Consumption:
    • 15.9W max.

    • Pole mount

  • Performance

    When connected to MLTG-CN LR:
    • Up to 1km (0.62 mi) for MCS9

    When connected to MLTG-360:
    • Up to 700m (0.43 mi) for MCS9

    When connected to MLTG-CN:
    • Up to 500m (0.31 mi) for MCS9

    • 3.6Gbps aggregated

  • Certifications

    • FCC
    • IC
    • CE
    • VCCI
    • TELEC

  • Key Features

    • Support channel 1 to channel 4 (57-66GHz)

    • Up to 3.6Gbps bi-directional aggregate throughput

    • High gain antenna with beamforming technology

    • Snow accumulation avoidance design

    • Support TDMA-MAC for dynamic bandwidth allocation

    • Support Over-the-Air (OTA) Security with AES128 encryption

    • Support QoS with 4 service classes

    • Terragraph Client Node Mode
    -Support Layer 2 forwarding with VXLAN tunnel
    -Support Layer 2 forwarding with native bridge

    • Support Layer 2 Point-to-Point mode

    • VLAN / Q-in-Q transparent

    • Configurable management port

    • Boot bank swap/reset to default by consecutive power cycle

    • SNMP private MIB for link stats

    • Diagnostic file collection

    • LED for aiming indication and signal strength

    • NMS management

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