EAP111: The Must-Have Wi-Fi AP for Your 2024 Procurement List

At the inception of the EAP111 project, Edgecore Wi-Fi product team delved into a fundamental discussion: “As an ISP, is it possible to find a Wi-Fi Access Point (AP) that not only fulfills the general needs of most customers but also caters to specific requirements in diverse environmental conditions?” Traditionally, Wi-Fi APs have been classified […]

From Slow to Go: 3 Tips for Immediate Speed Boosts!

In the digital age, a fast Wi-Fi connection is more than a convenience — it’s necessary. And there’s a good chance you’re not getting the most out of yours. Several pieces of news articles recently buzzed with a revelation that mention a question, some titles such as: “A Little-Known Wi-Fi Trick Unlocks Blazing Speeds.” It’s […]

Upgrade Your Deployment Checklist: Why is this Cloud Controller a Must-Have

ecCLOUD, developed by Edgecore Wi-Fi, serves as a sophisticated cloud controller providing centralized cloud management for an extensive range of products, including Wi-Fi Access Points, Enterprise Switches, SD-WAN, and Terragraph 60GHz Products. Over recent years, ecCLOUD has undergone significant evolution and innovation, transforming into a pivotal portal for Edgecore Wi-Fi to offer an array of […]

Matter 1.2 & Wi-Fi APs: Forging the Future of IoT

Recently, in late October 2023, the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA) officially released the latest version of Matter, version 1.2. This update showcases Matter’s continued dedication to optimization. It includes support for various new device categories (yes, including the much-anticipated dishwashers, washing machines, and robotic vacuum cleaners). This release also features enhancements for expanding future definitions […]

OpenWiFi: Paving the Way for Widespread Commercialization of Disaggregated Open Networks

Dissecting the Decade: This article dives into the transformative landscape of disaggregated open networks over the last ten years. It reveals how the tech titans of the cloud industry have successfully harnessed open networks, while some sectors have struggled. The key takeaway is the rise of OpenWiFi, a pioneering initiative that offers a glimpse into […]

Master Every Terrain: Embracing Resilient Wi-Fi 6 Connectivity with Edgecore Wi-Fi

In today’s fast-paced world, envision a Wi-Fi solution that meets and exceeds the demands of ever-changing environments. Enter the concept of Resilient Wi-Fi 6 Connectivity, an innovation designed to redefine connectivity limits with Edgecore Wi-Fi. Edgecore Wi-Fi proudly introduces its latest range of Wi-Fi 6 Access Points, embodying the resilience concept, including: EAP111 OAP101 OAP101-6E […]